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shaking in my boots




Yes, I am scared, I am about to go see my cardiologist and hopefully get a good check up. I have no symptoms-(shortness of breath) but my fear is that they will hear something "funny." This also is the first time I am going solo without my hubby with me. I know I can do this-I'm just nervous. I have already gotten sick to my stomach from my nerves. My inpatient rehab gym is in the same building as my cardiologist and the smell of the building brings me PTSD. I like to pretend I guess my stroke was a big nightmare. Denial??? I don't know.

I'm a big girl, I can do this...


I'll check back in later!



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good luck for your appt I had big smile on my face remwmbering pullon diapers ad reading your I am big girl now, hopefully ou are defintely older than that, and far too younger foe depends.


what is PTSD not good in cracking the codes yet, I guess can't become detective can I, ok so that career choice is out for me.




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PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, something I'm trying to get disability from the VA for. More soldiers returning from Iraq is being diagnosed with this condition. I've suffered since Vietnam war and VA still saying no.

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