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I have decided to take admin's suggestion and create a blog. I'll continue to post as GeorgeLesley, but called this blog what I want the focus of the blog to be. I am a former car mechanic and general handyman. I am trying some of the gadgets and things we all hear of, and will post the results here. Hopefully others will post about their experiences as well. First up is the Saeboflex I already posted about. Should receive it and start therapy within a week or so. BTW, the OT is in Duluth, MN, 125 miles away. I drive part of the way, the wife takes over in the city. I also ordered the Neuromove and it is due to be shipped next week. I also tried the Walkaide and posted about it already. Suffice to say, it worked, but too many $$ for now. I have many general musings like we all do, will slip them in as the urge strikes. Hopefully we can all benefit from this, I'll do my best to keep the spelling errors to a minimum. I'll post every few days at first, then as warranted. I'll get to the bio later, can only do so much now. Thanks for reading, GeorgeLesley



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welcome to best kept secret of this site the blogworld, we are one big happy family here, and based on your first blog itself you sound like toolman




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George, welcome to the blog community. It sounds like you've got great ideas for blog topics. Play your cards right and Asha will feature you in her blog report from time to time. :)



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