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BS I always brought lunch to work, but now we have a coffee shop downstairs which sells the most delicious quiches, so sandwich making went out the window!!! My excuse to myself was "my hand doesn't work so....". Well this morning, I surprised myself by deciding I actually wanted a home-made sarmie for lunch. So into the kitchen I went and made myself a sandwich. And it wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated. It all went quite smoothly actually. The only minor hitch was cutting the tomato, damn stupid thing wouldn't sit still for me to cut slices, so I have lop-sided tomato slices on my sandwich!!!!!! So no more blaming the stroke for not making lunch.



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Good for you! You know, they make a cutting board with an spike sticking out of it that you can put things like tomatoes and potatoes to hold them still. It also has sides on one corner to hold a sandwich against to spreading stuff. They gave my husband one of these cutting boards in he'd ever spent more time in the kitchen than it took to walk through to the garage. :)



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It is good you have rediscovered how to make sandwiches, they are such a basic food and do save you heaps of money.


I'm sure you will gradually overcome some of your other fears now, your self-confidence is growing in many ways.


Now you can start going on picnics again and enjoying the great weather in the great outdoors and all that marvellous African scenery.



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Dear Vix--I find it fascinating that when I accomplish a new task, how much of my reticence was emotional. Fear and emotions are sometimes the only thing holding us back. They also are the reason we/I lack confidence.


Congrats on going back to making your own sandwiches. I bet they taste better than store bought. I have always found sloppy sandwiches are the best tasting. Maybe its all that finger licking! :dribble: :dribble: Take Care. LK

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