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All is better now




As fast as it started, it all settled down. I have my husband back. What a rollar coaster ride this is. He is so much better, about back to his normal self. im talking pre heart attack and pre stroke, mostly. He wouold really like to take over his old responsibilities. But some things, I think I should continue because It is so hard to tell when he starts being confused again. He talks a lot about taking back the check book and bills. Although this is a new responsibility for me, I think I should continue doing it. I fingure if it is already done, he cant do it. So I just make sure I beat him to it. Paying bills as they come in and keeping the books updated. (thats the biggie for me)


Today the house is quiet. He has gone with our son on a little road trip today. I am home alone. There is so much I would like to do while i am alone. I feel like I am rushing to do it. I made myself a list. hahaha There is enough here to last me 2 weeks. Not that he is hard to care for. He is such a talker now and he used to hardly talk at all. We spend a lot of time just talking. Or should I say, I spend time listening. And I love it! But to actually dive into things without interruption is a real treet. I miss him, but I also know he is in good hands and he really needed to get out without me.


ok, I have allowed myself enough computer time, on to the next thing on my list.


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Babs, cherish the good times. I breathe a sigh of relief when Ray gets up and he is well, chatting a bit and obviously happy. Those are the days we can go look at something like new furniture or go for a longer drive and he takes an interest. On other days when he is bleary eyed we stay close to home. It is like he has a spark plug alternately firing and not firing. Pity there isn't a pill for that!


I'm lookng forward to Ray coming home tomorrow. I have the Diabetic video to watch today so I am ready to give him his first insulin injection at home on Friday morning breakfast time.



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