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Bike Week 2007




Zoom, Zoom! They're here again! I don't mind the bikers. I try to stay out of their way and they in turn are ok. Of course one of the things that bikers do is hit the beer joints. OK, I just stay away from their haunts when possible.


Unfortunately the deaths have started. One, was kind of reverse. A teen ager who was so drunk she couldn't walk, turned in front of 2 bikers, I guess and they hit her and where killed. She apparently hit and ran and one other biker took after her and followed her home where she apparently hit some cars at home. I believe she also ran over one in her escape.


I hope they do enjoy their time though and this is an isolated horrible happening. It's rare to see one biker alone and rather they travel in groups and meet others at events. It must be a fun time for them. I especially love the way they line up their motors like an ad for a motorcycle dealership. They pride themselves on having a shiny bike. LOL! and all of them must eye-ball all the bikes where they are. I haven't been checking helmets though but it does seem as though there are some with the good sense to know that there is protection and that is more important than the wind in your hair. In fact, have seen many beards. Perhaps the wind going through a beard has the same effect.



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We have bikers out here. Once in awhile they have a "ralley"


We have many bike clubs.. not just "hell's angels"


So we have become accustomed to motorcycles on the roads. The little bar and grill up the road seems to be a favorite watering hole..lol


Several of the "bike" clubs have rides in the Spring and Summer to raise money for charities.


We have a helmet law here in Washington, some of the riders wear the smaller helmets.. but anything will at least help ...


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Bonnie, we HAD a helmet law also, but it was repealed about 2 years ago - go figure. I sort of laughed when you said you have bikers. We have our own but the group sweels to thousands. I've forgotten what the exact thousand mark is but it keeps going up. I hope the weather warms up for them because it's one thing to wear a jacket as bikers do but they have bundled up a lot more. Then, of course, the brews warm a body some - even if it is not hot coffee or soup. :D

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Bikers---hhhmmm...The one rebellion I had against my parents. My parents emphatically did not want me on a motorcycle. One of my friends had a little Honda (I think) motorcycle (this was back in the 60's). He wanted to give me a ride on his bike. I got on and we went down the Main street of Oxford at a ripe clip of 25 mph (town speed limit :big_grin: )! I held on for dear life; I was scared! I was glad I lived through the experience. Of course, as I grew older, I became more daring.


But I never got on a motorcycle again. I know how dangerous they are (as one friend says, "living organ donors" He works in a hospital). The closest you'll ever get me on a bike is I bought stock in Harley-Davidson. Very good company and they have a loyal following. 'Course all that was sold when I had my stroke.


Helmets: They repealed or weakened our helmet law here, too. Its blatantly wrong. When a biker gets in an accident, they get the worst of the deal. When anyone gets into an accident, and if its bad enough, Med-Evac helicopters are called in. The injured are taken to Shock-Trauma. Taxpayers pay for all that. For that reason, I think bikers, both motor and pedal, should wear helmets. Take Care. LK

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It really ticks me off when they repeal helmet laws. The bikers who want this ought to walk those bikers through the head trauma centers to see what happens when head hit concrete and others who vote to repeal it should remember it's tax payers paying to care for those head trauma people for the rest of their lives.



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