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Flying Solo




Today is my sister's birthday and the 2nd anniversary of my stroke. Wow - 2 years of this.

Anyway, I'm flying down to cape Town Fri evening for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. Only trouble is, it was too expensive for Greg and I to go so I'm going alone - yikes. no Greg's hand to hold onto, I am really nervous about this. In fact the nervousness is overriding the excitement at the moment.



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You'll do fine, Vix. Once you get there you'll forget all about this pre-trip nervousness. We'll want a full report when you return. :)



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don't be shy of asking for help, as long as you can talk you will be fine, I flew to India 18 hrs journey solo, and I asked for help i everything even putting seatbelt on people are generally friendly and helpful when you ask for help




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Dear Vicky--

Sometimes anxiety and fear hold us back. I know these are big hinderances in the things I want to do. Just think, by the time you get to Cape Town, you will be an "old hand" at travelling. Your return trip will be easier and you will have more experience in your travels and therefore more confidence. I am excited for you!


One thing I want to do is ride the "blue train" from Victoria Falls to Cape Town. Have a great time: I know you will! Take Care. LK

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Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to your Sister. Hope you have a great trip as well as a great time! ENJOY :big_grin:

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