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I don't think I'm THAT old!




Yesterday I got a "fill" in of my nails and Bill had a manicure. It's a nice thing to do for ourselves and saves me one little job.


The Vietnamese folks that routinely do our nails are just as sweet as they can be and are so careful with Bill. I think it is a respect for their elders that somehow we Americans have lost over the years of creating a ME first mentality in our children.


Leon did my fill and was real interested in our vacation. He asked if we had flown to Florida - no was my reply and his eyes got big when he asked me "YOU STILL DRIVE? That's great Ann." Oh my - I am NOT that old!!! Of course, if we were living in Vietnam I guess we would be "elderly" wouldn't we? It's all in the perspective!!


So, yes, I STILL drive and I intend to for another 30 years!!! Well, maybe just shy of 30 years - but 30 years is a good number to shoot for.



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I find Orientals very respectful of age. I worked in Home Depot and there was one employee who always came over and greeted me. When I told him I was leaving, he was so unhappy, I told him I would come to see him. I'm ashamed to say I haven't been there yet. I'm sure when I do though, I will get a wonderful greting.


BTW, what is a "fill"? Would it help a split nail? I split it at work about 20 years ago and don't want to have it removed and wonder if this would get it to grow right again.



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Dear Annie--When I took care of my mom, we went regularly to get manicures. Like your establishment, the one we went to was run by Vietnamese. They were very respectful of my mother and took great care of her. They were so sweet to her. As her caregiver, they treated me w/ respect, as well. Nice riding my mom's coattails!


We didn't have fake nails, we had our own done. One time, I had a log canoe mast drop on my finger and it messed up my nail...Boy was I miffed! :Tantrum: Not about the broken finger but about my broken nail! :big_grin: Anyway, I decided to try fake nails and it was a disaster. It took another (6) months for my nail to get back to normal. I won't try that again.


What am I talking about? Its been a year and half since I've had a manicure. Wish that I COULD have a manicure! I miss them. My hands look awful now.


After 911 occurred, I had the American flag painted on my thumbs and started a mini trend in my area. Take Care. LK

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Hi Phyl,


I have acrylic nails and they "fill" them at the cuticle when they grow out. My nails underneath are awful - I did hear about a product called "Nail Tech" yesterday that costs alot - $10, but with diligent application works wonders for repairing nails. When I take these off I'm going to try "Nail Tech" to see if I can get mine back into shape.




Bill gets manicures with me! They take such good care of him. They are so concerned about how Bill is doing, and if by chance I go without him they are all worried.


I'm still not THAT old!!!! It reminds me of when my mom and I went to get our nails done (but every time I look at my hands I see Mom's). She'd never had a professional manicure until I took her. She felt like a queen and contined doing it even when I stopped for a time.


You know, that's a service that would be wonderful for a group of technicians to take on - manicures and/or pedicures for stroke survivors!!



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