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It's been nearly a month




It's been nearly a month since I last posted & promised that I would try & post more !! I have tried but things just seem to creep on you & before you know it weeks have past, I have hardly got anywhere in my endeavour to get my life better on track except the exercise. I have been trying to do half an hour every day on the e exercise bike & have succeeded most days. It must be paying off as it usually takes me 3 days to mow the lawns but did them in one day last week & I feel better so something must be working.

Baz is good,trys to make me slow down but now just raises his eyebrows at me as I dash around, he is used to it now & accepts that I will always be like that .

My Daughter has started University to do her Teaching degree &I have been worried about how she will cope as she has 2 small children & I cannot help her look after the kids or do anything else except be there when she rings & try to give her advice.We have found out that she has been taking prescription pill for years ( she was a heroin addict ) has been clean for 6 years but has substituted one addiction for another.

She has got off them but has been sick & suffering terrible withdrawal symtoms. She also gave up cigarettes at the same time, so has been twice as bad.

She is a great girl & it isn't her fault that she got onto heroin,she was abused ( unbeknown to me ) for many years by her Father (my ex husband)

Thank Goodness I met Baz, he has been our rock but I couldn't tell him about the prescripton drugs as it would have upset him, It has been worrying me sick but I have to have to trust that it will work out eventually.

No-one knows all this &thank goodness for our Blogs where we can vent without being judged..



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