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Aphasia Group and StrokeNet Group




Well, I'm working like crazy (for once :big_grin: ) now as i'm doing a Member Part tomorrow at the aphasia group that I joined the end of January. They told me it would take me a few months before I have to do this but now they asked. :blush:


I'll be talking about the Strokenetwork as well as the strokenet boards. I hope a few of them will join here as well and maybe start blogging to.


Okay, i'm off to finish this part so type at ya's later!!!!! :plane:



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Hi Jean


I printed it out, thanks.


I have the strokenet board printed out so I can show the boards and what's on there. I'm telling them about the blogs, gallery, forum, live chat etc...I'll be giving them the links to the boards as well as my email if they have a problem getting there. I only have about 5-10 minutes so I want to get out the most.



Thanks :blush:

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Good job Bill!


On a different note - when are you going to post a photo of your new car!!!



I need a digital camera. The pictures at Christmas was used by a disposal and I scanned it. Although I did wash it yesterday!!!! :Clap-Hands:

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Bill-Glad to hear you are doing so well! So, you have a car...Are you opn the road, again?????????? Take Care. LK



Thank you


and yes, i'm out on the open road now!!!!!!! :Clap-Hands:

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Looks like you were successfull in your presentation, I was reading a post from a new member tonight that thanked you for telling him/her about the Strokenet. Way to go Bill!


If you take you photos to Walgreens, they can put them on a disk for you so you can post them. Do you have Walgreens in CANADA?

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Thank you azrabbit, one more person is more than yesterday!! :beer:



I've not heard from Walgreens. I need to get a digital camera instead of using a cheapy one and scan it. I'm nervous of buying one because i'll have to read too much (it's too hard for me).


Bill :blush:

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