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Thanks for your patience with me




Thanks ladies - I appreciate it and your patience,


Jean - I am blowing off steam here so that I don't blow up at them - sorry - sometimes I use you all as my sounding board to see if I am really out of my head. It always helps to hear from my friends here - because you always show me a side that I hadn't even thought of. I did forget how disrupting it must have been for them, more proof than I needed I guess that I was missed by my two most important people - it was just so disappointing not to hear from anyone...made me feel very small


LK - Thanks for your support - I am making new friends - and you ladies are the best!


Bonnie - as always, my quiet voice in the storm - and you are right, it is easier with those who had not knownn me b4 the stroke - thanks for your patience


Asha - please don't take what I said as any kind of reproof against you personally - sweetie you do a great job! And I know that had you known you would have PM'd and e-mailed - you are just that sweet kind of person - please don't let my ramblings and anger release get to you - I'm calmer today than yesterday.


Thanks Onesidedme - I am so trying to finish this grieving process and be able to fully move on.


I don't think you ever really fully finish one thing and move on to another in emotions - I think one just winds down and another picks you up. Trying to focus outside of myself. Getting into advocacy on a local level - being a part of Healthfairs and am going to be interviewed by two newspapers for stroke month in May.


I love you all - you mean so much - sorry if I upset anyone - not my intention at all - trying to quell the occasional outburst of anger - I'll try not tto put it out so much here and more into my writings in my journal.

No Worries.





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Using the blogs to blow off steam is exactly one of the reasons why the blogs helps us all so much. I seriously doubt you upset anyone...least of all me. It's different than blowing off steam to the ones we live with day in and day out. So don't hold yourself back when you feel the need. I really do think, when we are blowing off steam, that it helps a lot to get feedback from others who are not closely involved in the situation. It helps us to see the whole situation from another point of view or just to get the hugs that come.


:friends: Jean

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I am glad you are writing here even if it is ti let out anger, I realizeI still have lot of good qulities to gather, which will be so benefacial for my family, and I love the other viewpoint you get from others who can think calmly, so don't feel bad for blowing up




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Dear Mel--There is no need to apologize for your outburst. We all write here what bothers us, what amuses us and what interests us. All of us here are here to support each other. We understand the "hidden" parts of each others' physical conditions that non-stroke people might not understand or not want to "see."


I am glad you got it off your chest and into our blog world. I hope it enabled you to return to your world w/ calm and serenity. Take Care. LK

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Venting is the healthy way of coping with things in life that are really frustrating. Better to vent here than bottle things up, stress out, and end up with added health problems. We're here to support each other with :hug: and "shoulders" to lean on.

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Mel, No apology or patience needed...


I sent the card and signed it from the Staff, I knew you were in the hospital. I cannot post that you are in the hospital on the board without a request or permission.


I KNOW you would have had pages of Well Wishes, prayers and warm thoughts from members and staff.


As far as your Blog... this is the place for all types of thoughts.. Happy, Sad, Angry. This is a SAFE place for us. People here understand, it is also as you say get feed back that is in another direction, one you would not think of as what is happening is "right in your face"

we are here for each other.. good times and not so good times. To cheer you up, give hugs or....... to listen.



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