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Thanks for everyones support and love...




I want to thank everyone who wrote regarding my last blog. It means alot... Divorce is cruel, but as alot said it may be a blessing in disguise. And yes, he is a "rat" for leaving a disabled wife. I think its a sin also...


I thought I'd grow old with him and we would be at each others side when our time came. The heart is going to take a long time to heal, but someday I'll be able to look him in the eyes without crying. I never knew what pain was until this... Its different when your heart gets injured, it can't be surgically repaired. I've never had to be on nerve pills until now. For 45 years of my life I refused to be called a nutcase. Now that nutcase will survive and love again.


I have survived 3 brain aneurysms and a stroke, but I don't feel very strong now. Its too new, only 3 weeks since he walked out... Where did all that strength go? I only had a 2% chance of living 2 years ago, but I'm still here.. After all I've been through, yes, this is the hardest... He was my true love, it was love at first sight. He took his wedding ring off the first day, mine are still on...


Where he used to lay in the bed is so empty.. It tears my heart in two... The nights are the hardest. I was crying myself to bed every night, not eating, but something or someone is pulling me up, and I believe its God... My Mom is the best coach, telling me I can do it.. Thank God for Mothers..


Its so sweet to have all of you that care... God Bless.. You all brought tears to my eyes... I love you all..


Sherry Roupe



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I'm glad you've got your mom for your chief cheerleader. Never forget we're all here, too.


Think about doing a some redecorating in that bedroom. Make it yours, not 'ours.' The project itself can help purge more than just his imprint on the space. Get yourself one of the 'body' pillows to hug at night. (They are six foot long and made for people who like to wrap themselves around something.)


Jean :friends:

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Sherry I am so sorry.. my ex walked out ( way before stroke) my hear was broken.. I also thought it was forever....


Awhile later I met my (now ) husband this summer will be 15 years...


I am glad your mom is such a Good cheerleader. Jean's idea is great.. if you can change the bedroom ... make it yours, your favoirte color, or whatever you can do to make it different.


You are the BETTER person and a TRUE survivor,


Hang in there your inner strength is there ... and we are here to cheer you on.




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Definitely revamp the room to "Sherry"-style. If and when you can, redo the entire living area. As Helen Reddy sang, "I am strong, I am invincible, I am Woman" You can do it. :cheer: :cheer: to you and to your Mom for being your cheerleader.

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I will agree with Jean's suggestion, redorate your house the way you like it, it is your house, and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom who is so supportive of you, start making small goals, and start fulfilling thm, and when you do those pat your back, we all have God within us and that inner strength in us to get through any adversity thrown at us.


BTW I used to feel same way about medications that what have I become nutcase, but at one point I realized that depression was way worse than my stroke, and if there is help availabe why not take it, and as soon as I got adjusted to right dosage, it felt so much better, I felt normal again, no more broken one feeling, now I am working on my goal to get rid of them completely.


I am happy that I took depression pill for a while made my life easy, I feel I am making real great post stroke life for me



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