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Life goes on...




Geeeez! I can't believe it has been over three months since I posted. Well a lot was going on. I was here reading other blogs from time to time and made a few forum comments.


For over a month our computer was trashed and we struggled with a new computer that never worked. It was the "new" Lenovo brand. Lenovo is the giant Chinese company that bought IBM's PC division. When I saw what I thought was a good price on what I thought was an IBM computer just under a different name I jumped at the chance. I jumped to fast. The computer didn't work and the customer service was the absolute worst I've ever experiences. It took from November 6th 2006 until March 1, 2006 for them to decide the unit was not fixable and to give us out money back. Lenovo is no IBM!


Since my last posting I have also got back into therapies that I had let lapse for several months. At the end of the year I was so sick of going to therapists and doctors I told Awesome Chick that I didn't want to see a single one, out side of an emergency, from December 1 through January 1. I also felt pretty sick myself and all that combined to turn into a situation where I wasn't working at anything and I didn't even realize it. Awesome Chick works during the day and I never remember the day so it is easy for me to do nothing or even do something and never remember it



I also started bogging again on Google's Blogger. I like the added functionality there but NOBODY ever reads my blog. Also, you can fool around with the code to a certain extent on Blogger and since I have programming in my past that appealed to me. It turned out programming isn't in my future anymore. I like that it looks like we can insert images here now. That is a big upgrade. I also like Blogger because I blog about a lot of my other interests, ideas and beliefs. I'm not sure that kind of blogging is appropriate here.




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Glad to see you back! I was wondering how you were doing.


As to your question about what you can blog here: the beauty of our blogs is we don't restrict topics to just stroke related stuff like on the 90% of the message board. You can blog about just about anything but porno stuff, racial or sexual slurs or flaming of other members and somehow I don't think it would occur to you to blog about any of this kind of stuff. So blog away.... :)


MBA: Jean

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Welcome back AJ.. thanks for the info on the computer..


glad you are back in therapy.. I know it all gets to be a grind when there is too much going on. I did look forward to PT though.


how do we find your Blog on Google's blogger? I dont wander to far from home..lol (and this is home)



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