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Well I couldn't think of a title for this Blog. I am tired today. I didn't sleep well last night so am a bit of a zombie today. I had to wake up and get dressed.... before i was atually ready too... We had 2 gravel trucks coming today. Had no idea when they would be here, and didn't want to get caugh in jammies..LOL


Well the floor is finished, the cabinets, dishwasher etc back in place. My husband had put small shelves on the short side walls of the pantry. He took them out to put the floor in. I have been waiting for a nice day to take them out and give then a nice coat of paint, before he puts them back in. I accomplished that yesterday. My daughter and grandson stopped by yesterday. the shelves were dry.. and some clouds were coming in, so Bill brought the shelves in for me. About 45 minutes the rain came.

Next project (soon I hope) is to empty the pantry and paint the whole inside. Hope to one day next week.


I am getting better at finding the items from the pantry we took out to do the floor.. they are in 3 boxes... LOL.


Many of you read Bill's Health Report on "Strokes" He received an A on his report and he also got an extra credit point. His teacher also put a :) on his report by where Bill wrote about me.








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:big_grin: congrats on your 4 year anniversary & in life, it is always best to look forward and not backward.

I love the serenity prayer where it encourages us to accept what we have to our best, and accept the fact that are some things in life that we cannot change -

June :cheer: :2cents:

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