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:Tantrum: :Tantrum: :Tantrum: I better vent before I get a stroke! I can't believe a company that is so large with a very complex computer system that looses people and then acts as though its the person's fault!


I have been working regularly at this dumb job. I didn't know when they paid, and thought Mon or Thurs as most seem to do (or that would be when I'd receive receive my check) and the weeks started to slip. I'd send an email to "help" and they would do nothing, so this time I was a little more forceful and received an email in return - "Hi Phyllis" (my best friend? - well, friendly anyway) and then it goes on to say that I must tell them the days, stores, some things I don't even know exist - numbers etc. and to call my supervisor (who wasn't the supervisor for the time in question). It is they who should straighten it out!!!!!!! I am supposed to work (which I do) my team lead is suppose to record the hours and send them, (which he does - there is a form he uses), and THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO THEIR THING! They make employees learn and take a test to show that they uinderstand THEIR computer system ,but they can't even do what they are supposed to do! *#!!&*!


:Tantrum: :Tantrum: :Tantrum: , Now I feel better, and should be able to answer them and not loose my job because of what I'd like to tell them.


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OK girl, you've done the right thing in venting!! Now, call your supervisor. Even though your supervisor has changed the new supervisor should have the records from the dates in question. You are right, if this is something your supervisor is responsible for you should not have to be concerned with the details.


I would be fuming, too. It's enough to go out and go to work, but then to not receive a check and no response seems almost cruel.


Take care,

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