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Another day and I feel stronger...




I will beat this thing called "divorce" and be stronger for it... Here I am 45 and soon to be single again. That's scary!! So many terrible diseases out there, afraid to trust anyone. I'm giving myself at least one year alone, absolutely no male relationships but friends. I need this time to heal and find a way to make sense of this.


I'll always be a person that loves marriage. This is #3 for me... I thought the 3rd time would be a charm.... Guess I'm that kind of person, loving, caring, wanting to share that with someone. I've never enjoyed being a loner. I told my Mom the other day, I want to experience life to its fullest, she thinks I'm crazy. She's only been married once and she's 65.


I lost my brother when I was just 5 years old to cancer. I've never had my Dad around in my life much, maybe its a space I'm trying to fill. I'm trying to figure me out... I'm not a therapist, but have some idea why I need so much comfort.


I am one of those people that enjoys the togetherness of a marriage. I'm not giving up on life, never... I'm a survivor... Don't know why I'm writing for sure.. I find comfort in all my friends here who have given me support. Again, thanks for all the support from everyone.. I appreciate it very much.. God Bless..


Sherry :giggle:



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This is my 4th marriage... I was a widow once and 2 divorces... We have been together 15 years this summer.. so for me # 4 was a charm..lol


After my last divoce a friend talked me into going to a Co-dependant meeting. I have never been one for this type of thing, but went with her because she didn't want to go alone. Well ... it really was enlightening... and I could see where I made some mistakes in picking out "partners"... and looking inward ......


:friends: :friends:

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I think you are on the right track. For me, I found that year right after leaving the X a major transitional year. I explored many things and immersed myself in Zen and Transcendenalism ( interesting concept, but complicated to live in reality.) Basically that year was spent in growth of myself both personally and as a survivor.


I agree that being in your 40's and entering the dating scene is overwhelming and challenging. But it sure beats being young and niave though. Have a sense of humor and approach it with humor and with no more expectations then filling a void with interesting people and experiences.

Something you may find enlightening and helpful is a web site and book written by a guy called Christian Carter. The site is called

www.catchhimandkeephim.com He sends out mass emails that anyone dating will find helpful, his emails have given yang and I some indepth discussions.

I'm glad you are feeling strong, you go girl!


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you are indeed survivor, I know you will do great, and as Yin says give yourself year of time is very good idea, and when you meet a new guy it will be for keeps, the guy who is no afraid of disability is treasure




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Hang in there lady. I am so proud of all that you have done. You don't need a man to be happy and successful and complete. I had my divorce 32 years ago and in that time I grew, I raised 3 kids and he married an abusive woman for years and finally left her. Due to our youngest son, we had dinner together 10 years ago and we are still together. As you get older a spouce is nice to have as a companion to share the successes and failures. It happens when you are not looking. Consentrate on yourself. You will always be with you.

Bryce :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:

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