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Pete Rose




I heard on the radio today that Pete Rose finally admitted after all these years that he did bet on the Red Sox while he was their coach, but "only to win all games cause he had faith in his team"


In the grand scheme of life, does anything regarding Pete Rose matter? The guy gambled ....... while he was a coach, I still think he should be allowed in the hall of fame for his record while he was a ball player.


But what do I, a lowly female survivor know? It has been said he probably gambled on baseball while he was a player. Sure he probably did, but as he wasn't caught, who can say for sure? I don't think a place in the hall of fame should be denied him on lack of evidence.

What does anyone else think????







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I feel he should be allowed in the Hall of Fame - but like you what do I know - I too am a female survivor lol. I think it's dumb that AZ Diamondbacks changed their colors. But then again, what do I know lol

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WOW - where are all the guys on THIS post?? We women have more opinions than the gentlemen on this issue?


OK - I never have gotten this one........Gambling is gambling - I guess unless as a coach he could throw his team to lose a game when he gambled they would lose - why would a coach place a bet that his team would lose, then coach them to lose? How could same coach place a bet that his team would win and thrn because he's placed that bet have the ability to single-handedly deliver a win? He coaches - he doesn't play! (Of course I've seen some pretty poor choaching!!) I guess the whole concept is WAY over my head!!


Play ball


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