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Pancakes and Canadian Bacon,this must be Saturday!




We have a tradition of pancakes and bacon on Saturdays. We have substituted Canadian bacon for regular bacon a few years ago, trying to eat right you know. Seems we missed something along the way. We are now enjoying looking at the frost on the leafless trees. Absolutely beautiful. Many people have a hard time understanding why we live in this cold climate. Well the simple reason is that we love it. The wife said yesterday she actually prefers the winter over summer. Not sure I would go that far, fishing is better in summer you know, and paddling a canoe on ice is hard to do, but I agree winter here is a beautiful thing. A few years ago I did break ice with the canoe and nearly got stuck. Never did that again, a canoe makes a poor icebreaker. Before settling here a few years ago we traveled border to border, coast to coast in our motor home for three years. We have seen most of this country along with over other 30 countries, this is where we want to be. No offense to anywhere else, there are many beautiful places out there, The Tetons in Wyoming, the Swiss alps, Eastern Tennessee in the springtime. all awesome, but for us, this is it. Finding contentment in whatever state you are in is one of the keys to happiness, I think. In my 20 years in the USAF I never had a bad assignment. Even the year in Vietnam where I tried to extend my tour, turned out to be OK in the end.


Got the Neuromove in yesterday afternoon. Spent the evening reading the book and watching the DVD. Will give it it's first go today. Will give first report on it tomorrow. Must confess, only did one session with the Saeboflex yesterday (don't tell my OT). After the AM Saebo session, we walked about 1 mile, then did the daily Bowflex and bike sessions, and I was pooped out. Hey, I'm 61 and had a stroke, that's enough for one day.


Just got a call from the mail carrier, she wondered if we were going to be home since she had a package for us a did not want to leave it out if we were off to Duluth again. If we had been gone, she would have driven down the drive and put it inside the backdoor. The wife is reading the local gossip in the weekly paper. Turns out, one of the big contractors in town is delinquent in his taxes by $33.00. Ah, the beauty of a small town, no secrets. Yes, everyone knows I had a stroke, and pats me, smiles at me when they see me. My goal is for them not to notice me again.


Some more gadgets to talk about soon, but now an observation for the day. The wife is getting the dog ready to go outside, putting on the booties, coat, harness, etc. About 0 out today. The dog is getting ready to make yellow snow. Survival tip: Don't eat yellow snow.


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Not lemon icy, huh? LOL!


Made my mouth water with the pancakes and bacon. Actually, I did have a supper of that this week when I decided on something light. It isn't very often, so I used some regular, but lean bacon and have already decided on a cheese and bacon grilled sandwich for lunch tomorrow.


I agree, people should live where they are happy. I'd prefer the warmth for 12 months of the Greater Miami area to the colder weather in Central Florida and am upset that last weeks warm weather looked like the start of our better weather but it was 42 this am. Not too bad now at 3:45 but still a sweater is nice. I must consider taking a ride...........maybe south halfway and have friends come north halfway. That should warm me up.

I do know the shoes, coat and leash bit from NJ though. Guess you must have a small, very shorthaired dog - anything like a malamute would be embarrased I'd think.

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