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Help Wanted




We need a majordomo, a Mr. French or a gal/guy friday that has the ability to pay the bills on time, keep us organized and basically keep it less noticeable that Yang and I are nothing more then a pair of Mr. MaGoo's that bobble along in life narrowly missing potentially dangerous situations and prediictments. Not to mention the faulty memories we both possess, does anyone else ever set the mail down someplace and promply forget about it for 3 months? Is this an executive function deficit maybe????

Pre stroke I was as organized as a military operations, I smoothly simultaneously ran conflicting schedules for 4 people. Now I can't seem to get the mail in the mailbox before the carrier comes at noon. I've realized all these problems because I have been working on setting up our home office. I've probably been watching the show Mission Organization too much. But I've found I can function better and appear to have it all together if everything has a place and it is put back in its place. Ask Yang, he'll tell you I've become a bit of a nag about "putting things back where they belong" I harp on that so much, I swear I am repeating what I used to tell my kids. But an overhaul is needed because our previous attempts aren't working. I no longer find any charm in the desk being hidden under a mountain of papers or the dining room table either. My new goal is minimalist and I want my countertops clear and free of clutter. Oh, I'm a Fly baby still and Fly Lady's methods are becoming more and more appealing.

I cannot convey the joy I have felt in the last week in being able to go to a certion spot and know a pen and paper are sitting there eagerly waiting for me. Or the satisfaction of finally having file cabinets and filing the important papers that are necessary in this life. The big mystery that still remains to be seen is if I'll be able to find what I filed. I have a really bad habit of putting something in a "safe place" and then immediately forgetting where the safe place is.

I finally have a desk calendar, it is helpful to know what the date and day of the week it currently is. It is way to easy for every day to run into one another and never get it together and be productive in some small way.

Yes, I'm even consenting to modifying my previous thinking of "It doesn't matter. I'm retired now, I don't need any type of schedule to follow" Anarchy happened and the goverment collapsed in our world. So we are addressing the organization problems in our home, but an assistant that isn't brain damaged would sure be nice.




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Guest lwisman




Most of us have had lapses and forgotten stuff. I know I have. Fortunately, it has not caused monstrous problems.


I have found a schedule absolutely critical. (Over time I have been able to deviate). I am a believer in calendars - I have two, timers (I can set 4 different times on mine), setting times for things -- I wash my hair on Mondays and Fridays, water the plants on Saturday, empty the kitty litter container on Mondays, etc.


I write notes to myself. When I know something must be done on a certain date I put it on the calendar.


Scheduling is key to keeping me sane.


I'm not so good at putting things back in the same place. But, I'm working on it. :big_grin:

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We have a similar problem and while our solution did not fix it, it does provide someone besides ourselves to blame. We invented two mythical helpers "Gretchen and Elbert" who are supposed to help us, serve coffee in bed, etc. Unfortunately, the wife and I do not do a very good job of coordinating their days off, and it seems one of us has usually given them the day off without the other knowing it. Sigh. Lists religiously kept up do help some. Same with post it notes. Going over the same things repeatedly also helps and gives you something useful to do. I give my blog entries three "final" proof readings before posting and still make typo's but a lot fewer than I used to.

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hey Yin:


my yang (hubby) is very organized person so me not being organized still works, though I am incharge of kid's activity,schoolwork and our mail,what works for me is calender book where I put entries for my son's activity, so that has been taken care of now, though another mail things which works for me, is we have all direct payments, so we never miss the payments nd 1 st rule I follow is csort out mail as soon as I get, and I used to file it before which was equivalent to just dropping in the right folder in office but now I kep it on daybed in office where hubby once a week reviews it and then files it.



Now I am thinking about this new business venture which I want to pursue and for that I still need to set up my new office room with filing cabinet.


1. sort out mail same day and file them same day.

hope this helps,


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I read your blog totally agreeing with you the entire time and amazed at how it is mirroring my life right now. Yes, it is completely possible to forget something for 3 months and have no clue how it was missed. Being organized is the only way to be. I have been trying to do this and am starting to be successful and getting more organized each week.


I had many false starts at organizing where I would go to where "it" was before I organized "it" and end up trying to remember where the organized "it" may be. But it is getting better, and if I remember to use common sense both in organizing "it" as well as trying to remember where it is "it" is, it does work. (Talk about run on sentences...)


Then George brings up their mythical helpers and it brought me back to pre-stroke when we would blame the "dish gnome" or the "tidy up gnome" for not showing up, being on vacation or sick. Now that George has tripped this memory, I can use the gnome excuse - before it was mainly the other half of me, that used it when he had allowed the day to slip by.


Lin and Asha, you two sound so organized and you are very correct about schedules being absolutely necessary now that my "schedule gnome" has left the building.


All of you have made my day just a little bit brighter - cheers!


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