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Spring is coming




It's 4:45 p.m. on Sat. I just got home from work. I had a tough day. I woke up with one of my stroke headaches. Almost cant function.

Thinking about my trees. Spring is coming, and I have a few trees to work on. I have planted 33 fruit trees and 18 nut trees over the last couple years. I want to get a few more. My wife thinks I'm crazy. I planted 200 pine trees around our property two years ago. I need a few more to replace dead or mowed over trees.

I found out that Almond trees will grow here, so they are on my list.

The last couple of years I have planted a 1/4 acre garden. Boy that takes some time to care for. It's going to shrink a lot this year. It's hard to keep motivated when you can buy canned veggies for less than you can do it yourself.

I think this year I'll make time to do a little camping. In CA. we camped a lot. It's nice in the CA. mountains. We need to find somplace around Ohio that the family likes. We have not found anyplace here yet. How do you call it camping when you are ten feet from the next camper? In CA. we were 75 feet or more apart, in the woods. That was nice.

My head is pounding, I think I'll stop for now.



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Man, I wish you lived near me. I'd enjoy watching those trees grow. I want to plan some pines around our place. I'll never live long enough to see them get big but someone will enjoy them and appreciate my efforts---and you're too. You go, guy!



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We bought 5 un improved aacres. We have a small orchard and the last few years on Father's Day we go to a nursery and my husband gets to pick out 2 trees.


The photo in my Blog there are a couple pine trees behind me. Some Christmases we buy potted Christmas trees and have planted them. The one right behind me has grown so fast...


Year before last I felt "ambitious" and planted a large garden... finding out I couldn't keep up with that much... This years will be much smaller.


I have practiced getting up from the ground without having to crawl to somehing to stand up on ( luckily the neighbors can't see me..lol)

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Hi Al,


Your love of nature may well be the key to letting the anger go you wrote of last time. I know when I am outside puttering, that all the bad stuff melts away. I come in feeling total peace, contentment, yet excited at the same time about what it looks like now, and will look like as it matures.


You certainly have ambition, I need a coffee break just thinking of the amount of work you have planned for one summer. Almond trees do sound wonderful and I would like to see pictures sometime. Almonds taste good, are very good for you, smell wonderful in a hand cream or candles plus lots of other uses I would think.


Kind regards,




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