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We have been in the hospital




The last 2 blogs are very close together in posting date because, I thought I had published them but had not. oh well, I am learning.


The infection reached a point that I couldnt handle it at home any longer. Eddie had an appointment for thursday with the urologist. He sent us home with an antibiotic and said call me if things dont get better. 3 hours later Eddie had those awful, violent shiver chills again. It went on for a half hour and I decided to call the Dr. He said to give him some benidrill. It took him another 20 minutes or so to calm the shakes down. But then within an hour he was feeling awful and he felt burning hot to the touch. His temp was 103.6! I caled the dr again and was told to go to the ER. He would call ahead and tell them we were on our way.

Three hours later Eddie had a room and was reciveing antibiotica through an IV. When my husband is in the hospital, I just do not leave him. Thats why I say "We" were only in the hospital two nights. I feel like we were there a week. His temp at one point was as high as 104.2 WOW thats way too high. Those violent chills were almost as bad in the hospital as they were at home, and followed a few hours later with sweats that soaked the bed. Talk about hot and cold flashes! The main concern was that the infection had crossed over into his blood. Thank God it had not. Eddie said for him this was worse than his heartattack and stroke except for the time he was on the ventelator and the NG tube. It sure took him back again. We couldnt walk down the hall with out him feeling lost, got a lot of things confused.


Now that we are home I can tell his walking is not as good as it has been either. He moves very slow and cautious. Seems his balance is off, he told me he has almost fallen backwards a couple of times. He seems to be relearning a lot of little things , little things, like how our thermostat works in the house, how the coffee maker works and a few other things. But quickly pickes it up again. He is easily irritated at me. I cant hear him as well as before, he seems to either mumble or talks so soft I cant understand and constantly have to ask him to repeat words. He sounds like his throat is very tight. I find I need to speak slower for him to understand me, he says I am talking too fast.


Right now we are both tired.


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Babs, so sorry to hear what you and Eddie have been through. (((HUGS))).


I know that "slow dance" feeling. I am still wheelchairing Ray and it is so hard to go back to where you were, knowing that you don't often get back to even what they were before the last "critical event". But we have to live in HOPE. So hope we get to have that picture taken together in September. (((HUGS))) Tell me when to book the motel!!



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