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irish whiskey cake




i made three irish whiskey cakes this year


st patricks day tradition that no one did last year as we were all still adjusting to the stroke


trying to get things back on track this year


my grandmothers recipe


my mother taught me how to bake this st patricks day goodie


the only thing she ever taught me to cook


she would come to my house the weekend before the 17th every year


and we would have a 48 hour baking marathon


one year we made 12 in two days


this year i decided that i would make them on my own


i wonder as i baked them if she could smell it downstairs


if she remembered the laughs we had making them


i wondered if she misses things like this


i cried and cried


my son asked me what i was making i told him irish whiskey cake


he said oh knockout cake


what is asked


he said knockout cake that is what grandma called it before she got handicapped he informed me


she said if i ate it i would get knocked out


wow that was three years ago


he was five the things children remember









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It is amazing what kids remember. My daughter can recall things from when she 2 (12 years ago) Me, on the other hand - lol - may not immediately recall things from 10 minutes ago.


I did remember one thing though: Irish Whiskey Cake sounds yummy!!!

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