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Betty Jean



Well, shoot, it seems like I'm taking one step forward and two steps backward and that's just me. No matter how hard I try to take care of the house, yard, car, doctors, meds, rehab etc. I turn around and something has gone to h--- Really needs my attention! Then I go to one of my own docs and find out that I'm in worse shape than I knew I was in before I went in. LOL Sooo I came home and decided that nothing needed me that badly and I was just going to ignore the whole thing for today. Tomorrow is another day and we will see what fun it brings.


Jim ordered himself a havoc heli (that's one of those little tiny remote controlled helicopters that you can fly around in the house). It came and he's sort of disappointed because it's very hard if not impossible to fly one handed. I told him he needs to get busy working on that hand then. He does work with it a lot but not much improvement yet. My son, Dane, and I are working with Jim and applying The Law of Attraction. Those of you who have read or seen The Secret will know what I am talking about. Both of us are students of various forms of the principles discussed in The Secret. Well, anyway, that's what's going on at my house these days.


Betty Jean



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"Afterall, tomorrow is another day."



Brtty Jean, and how many others remember which movie that line was from and who said it?


The helicopter sounds really neat! I wish I could manuever something like that - would drive my poor cat insane like she does me :big_grin:

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Betty Jean,


You've read THE SECRET and you haven't added a comment on our Blogs Book Club thread about that book? One hundred lashes for you!!!!!!!





That line is from GONE WITH THE WIND said by Scarlett O'Hara. If my memory serves me well---and I made no promises there---that line was the very last line in the movie.



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I did check out the book club discussion on The Secret but to be honest it looked more like a discussion over whether the book was going to be discussed. It didn't sound as if anyone had actually read the book or seen the movie. Please, no offense intended to anyone there. Also, I was not a member of the book club so I didn't know I could just put my two cents in. I will try to do better next time. Of course, it was the middle of the night when I read the book club comments and I was falling asleep at my computer so I will go back and see what I slept through.


Betty Jean

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Yes Jean, you are 100% correct - that line was from Gone With the Wind and was said by our Miss Scarlett as the last line in the movie. As I had read what Betty Jean wrote, that was the first thing that came to mind :)

That line is in the Trivial Pursuit game too - alot of people think that Rhett's comment was the last.

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Donna--That's what I say about bills! If you don't pay them one month, they'll show up the next--No Worries... :giggle: Take Care. LK
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