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Yang and I are new parents to Sophie. She arrived on Sunday. Sleep deprivation has set in and I'm napping any time I can grab one. We adopted her and she is a roly poly 7 week old black and tan Austalian shepherd/german shepherd mix with these liquid eyes that just melt our hearts. She was my birthday present from yang.


So we are immersed in housebreaking her, so my organizational efforts have been put on the back burner for now. I am completely enjoying getting to know her, although I am tired out from all the potty runs outside. This week is supposed to be sunny and in the 60's and 70's so we can spend most days outside. I made a fresh pitcher of ice tea today, think it will get enjoyed this week on the patio.... As soon as I get pics I'll post a picture of Sophie.



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WOW Congrats. we have Mindy who is 3/4 Australian Shephard 1/4 border collie. She has those wonderful expressive eyes. When I am gone and pull in the drive.. She smiles.. on one side. We call it her "Elvis" smile.


When she is a little older. The Aussie will come out and she will try to "herd" everything. They are so "funny". you will need to keep her from being bored.. read all you can on Aussies.. they like to work for you..

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What a wonderful birthday present. Having a buddy is one of the best things in life, enjoy!


Kind regards,


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Is there anything better, then a plump little puppy with that skunk puppy breath asleep snuggled under your chin? I have another shadow as I go from room to room and she sleeps at my feet while I'm on the computer.


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Congratulations on your new addition! Puppies are wonderful. What a great mix! I bet Sophie is very intelligent based on her ancestry. I am envious. I can't wait to have a dog again. They are such wonderful companions. Give Sophie a hug and a kiss from me. Take Care. LK
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Sophie sounds great! Puppies and dogs are such a great addition to families. Give her a big cuddle and bellie/ chin scratch from me!



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I totally agree about the Australian Shephard herding instinct. It's really, really important to work with them on that. We had one who got into the habit of trying to "herd" the bikers and joggers who passed by! (We lived in the country on a farm-like setting where fences and leashes for dogs were few and far between - although we did have a large pen for the dog eventually because he got to be so bad about the herding.)


We also lost a Border Collie due to trying to "herd" a car going 55 mph on the road - again, lived a long way from the road, but had a 10 year old who the dog apparently thought was not supposed to go get the mail. It was very traumatic for my son.


Do read all you can about your Aussie/German Shephard baby. As Sophie gets older there are traits you'll want to have well under control. She will be very protective of you both and you'll want to know exactly how that protective nature will present intself.


My Australian Shephard had a screw loose, too. He was real protective of my grandson (who was about 3 at the time). He would follow Jacob around, jumping at bugs or flies...who weren't there. The vet suggested trying....prozac....and we did try it. Finally however, we found a home for him that was located a long way from the road, and his new master was retired and around the house all the time. I think he needed lots of company - he was such a dear dog.


Good luck with Sophie, and have lots of fun!!

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