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I'm going to He11 for this




I didn't WANT to do it, I swear!!


Patrick and I decided to clean out the flower pots and flower bed today so that when we are ready to plant, the containers are also ready. They were full of dead plants and flowers.


The first few pots were easy, we just had to remove the dead flowers from the center of the pots, and we left the evergreen plants in there, as they are already starting to perk up for spring. We then moved on to the side of the house where the flower bed is. It is about 5' by 10' bed, and it had lots of remnents from last year's garden.


We started clearing out all the dead stuff, and it seemed never ending. What we were left with was several small patches of grass and some sticks sticking out of the ground. After surveying the bed, Patrick wanted to just gut the whole thing. I decided we should just dig everything up and start over since I have no idea what was planted, what was weeds, and how to take care of whatever started to grow since I didn't know what it was.


So we did it. We dug it all up. Over and over I kept asking God to forgive me, for I knew not what what I was doing. I'd dig up what looked like a blade of grass and find a little bulb on the end. I'd look at the dead sticks and start to pull, only to find a substantial root system existed.


I am going to burn for this sin against nature. The former owner would probably have a nervous breakdown if she knew what we did today.


I keep trying to convince myself it was the right thing becuase we would know what was planted and how to properly maintain it. I try to remind myself it is okay because now we get to choose what WE like intead of what the old owner liked.


Please tell me it is okay! My heart has been breaking all day!!!



Kristen :(



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Dead sticks could be roses,flowering shrubs, wonderfully perfumed plants like lilacs, old fashioned plants that would bring glory to your garden. They could be of great beauty and historical significance. Oh how I shudder at what you have done! You horticultural vandal!


On the other hand you would have had to wait a long time to find out what was significant and what was some old plant the previous owner had planted because the color fitted. Guess your way was the best way for you. Cheer up, I think the the garden gods just bind you with vines and throw you down a deep well. How bad can that be?


Sue. :farmer: :Ask: :thankyou: :doh: :jester: :laughbounce: :laughbounce:

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Unlike Sue, lol, who wants to sic the garden gods after you, I give you credit for trying. You don't know what those bulbs were - they could have been absolutely horrible - as we know everyone's tastes are different. Even prior to the stroke, I was terrrible at planting and growing things. I swear the plants died to get away from me. Good luck with your new garden.

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:cheer: Kristen,


Why didn't you take the bulbs you dug up and replant them in a couple empty pots just to see if they would grow and what they would turn out to be. I am a gardener and that's what I would have done. It might have appeased the garden God's just a bit. As for the sticks, no tellin what you've done there. Only the God's know and will exact retribution. However, on the up side of things, you are going to put in another different but lovely garden so that may save you from being thrown down the well and just leave you with pulling weeds for eternity. LOL :big_grin:


Betty Jean :cheer:

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Oh Kristen--How judgemental some people can be.... :giggle:


Me? The only things I can raise are weeds, kids and a little bit of h*e*l*l.


Let me expand...


First of all, I just learned from the above responses, "that blades of grass" might have been something else. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled up blades of grass w/ bulbs attached. I knew I was pulling up grass. Don't they have bulbs at the end? Clearly not according to today's lesson.


I lived in a neighborhood where all the other houses and lawns were so very neatly landscaped. My husband and I joked we were doing our job in keeping the property taxes low in our neighborhood.


Oh, but I did try in making beautiful gardens; attempting to bring my fantasy gardens to reality. One year, I decided what I needed to do was plant something akin to weeds but not considered weeds. I planted Tiger Lillies and ferns to make natural-looking gardens. Dismal failure. The ferns never grew and well....the Tiger Lillies kept growing and growing and growing.


The next Spring, I attempted to dig up all the Tiger Lillies because they grew taller than I wanted. I dug all the way to China and those "flowers" were like pulling a 747 w/ my teeth! I finally won out.


Finally, to make a long story short, I decided upon Mulch Gardens. One year, I made up Mulch Gardens w/ the nugget mulch; the next year, shredded mulch; the following year, mulch chips. On and on. They were the most successful, except for one year when for some reason we had fungus grow w/ the mulch.


I felt these gardens were the most sucessful as I could imagine all the neighbors saying to each other, "Thank God, the Klakrings are finally doing something w/ their gardens." I took such good care of those gardens. I watered them regularly and never did any of the mulch die! Take Care. LK

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I too sucked in my breath when I read your blog. Those poor little plants. But it doesn't matter, you need to start somewhere to learn about gardening and plants and you'll redeem yourself over time.

Happy gardening to you and may your gardening knowledge flow quickly and make a map of what you do plant so next year you'll know what is what and each sucessive year you'll learn what comes up in mid or late spring so you don't pull up real plants.


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Thanks for the replies, MOST of them made feel better (wink! wink!).

I can't wait to get some flowers and plants in them so I don't have to look at the empty pots and bed. It is a constant reminder of the poor little things I... didn't "keep".


I did save a couple of things, there is one mystery plant I pulled up that came out in one big root ball, so I have put that into one of the containers. There was one group of "sticks" and then one plant (possibly hosta) that seems to be coming up well, so I left them too.


That leaves me with 90% of the flower bed and 19 containers to fill. So much! There are also 3 or 4 dead things in the landscaping rocks that look like the were a shrub or bushy style flower. But There is no signs of life, they are completely flat on the ground like someone steamrolled over them. Should I dig or wait???



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My "green" thumb is so "ungreen" that a cactus plant will shrink back into the dirt to get away from me lol.

Depending on how warm your temps are, I'd pull those other apparently "dead things" if they should be showing some signs of spring growth. Only once in my history was I successful w/a planting area and the X got custody of it after the divorce!! lol

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With the harsh winters and snow, etc some things may not survive....


When you plant you may want to make a little map of the area and wirte down the name of the plant. those little white markers fade out and if it is something that will come back each yr or if it gets to big and you want to move it you will know what it is.


It's your house and a "fresh' start you will appease mother nature or who ever with your own fresh pants ... some things need replacing sometimes. We have been getting rid of black berries.. no all keeping plenty and believe me they try to choke out everything ... they were so thick you couldn't even walk.


One caution..... I planted mint in my herb garden... OOPS if you plant mint. keep it contained.. plant the pot in the garden.. but dont let the roots get loose.. If you can't grow anything I bet mint will grow for you.. lol

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Bad mistake to pull up those sticks. They could have been lilies or plants that come to life later... Oh well you'll have a new bed with great plants you and hubby picked yourselves and will be proud of your accomplishments.. Don't plant mint unless in a container as it will spread too, it does smell nice though.. good luck with you gardening...At last spring!!!!! :Clap-Hands: :cheer:

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