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I had so much fun on Sunday. In the time I've had after my stroke, I have learned a few things.


How wonderfully luxurious it is to have a few treasures.


What a treasure it is to fall into bed at night on a comfortable mattress and wrap oneself in a goose down comforter and 600 thread count sheets. (I have one set, a luxury I afforded myself BS).


What a treasure it is to wrap oneself in a full length terry cloth robe.


What a treasure to warm one's feet in Ugg slippers when my feet get cold for no reason.


What a treasure to drink Twinings Tea from a bone china teacup.


Not to be misunderstood, what a treasure to sit wrapped in a cuddly terry cloth robe and Uggs and drink that first cup of (strong) coffee in the morning. I love my coffee.


What a treasure to have a nice warm bubble bath whenever your body yearns for it.


What a treasure to soothe one's aching muscles in a jacuzzi after strenuous exercise.


But the lovliest treasure are the friends who never forget you and every once in awhile pop up in your life and spend some of their time w/ you laughing, talking and enjoying each other's company. That is the best treasure, so intrinsic it is priceless.


This past Sunday, a group of my friends from the Eastern Shore came over and we went to a local restaurant for Afternoon Tea. There were (12) of us and it was such great fun. I have lost many things but I treasure the friends I have not lost.



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I completely enjoyed your list and I have counted my blessings that included many of the same things as you listed. I see my stroke at times as something that happened to make me slow down and enjoy life and the little things that add to my overall contentment.

Every morning as that sip of my first cup of coffee is sliding down my throat, I give thanks that I am here for yet another day to enjoy all that comes my way and I am reminded again that it is a good thing I didn't die as I wished 5 years ago.


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I hear you both loud and clear and whole heartedly agree. Of course, I'm saying this on a good day - but these good days are what carry me through the yucky ones. Yes, my stroke changed my life and my kiddo's life forever - but ahe has said, on numerous occasions, she is glad I had the stroke as it slowed me down (employment/burnout wise) and she has her Mom back. It doesn't matter to her (for the most part) that I walk like a penguin, or cry and look like a monkey puckered up - she has me here. For that I am thankful and blessed.

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