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This is my 1st post

The Kiwi Bird.



Today I am on my own and not piggy backing on my husband the Gizmo Gadget Guy. I was encouraged buy the moderators to do a blog of my own so here I am. You can learn about me by reading my Bio. I will post a pic later but at the moment I am on.


Today I intend to cook up Taco meat and make up the fixings then take these to a friend and her family for dinner tonight. My friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a Mastectomy this week.So I am trying to help out as best I can.


I will most likely not post each day as I work 3 x12 hr shifts of nights Fri,Sat,Sun 7pm to 7am.These work fine for us at present as it enables me to drive George to Duluth 2 1/2 hrs away, twice a week for his OT/PT therapy. Also just the general running of a household and caring for George takes my time.I have added tasks now as you can imagine. For instance yesterday I had to shovel snow around our mailbox,at the end of our 800ft driveway. We had 4inches of snow. Our Dog Jassie came with me and had a ball playing in the snow while I worked.


December 8th 2006 turned our lives 360 degrees. This is the day George my husband was told by the ER Doc that he had had an Ischemic stroke. I will go into my feelings about our changed lifestyle over a period of postings but today I just wanted to say Hi to all the readers wether you be a surviour or care giver. I am glad we have this forum to post and communicate. I know it helps our household as a support system, and we all need this.


I encourage you to read my profile . More later from me.Keep on keeping on. Kia Ora.(means greetings)

From Lesley The Kiwi Bird.





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Kia Ora to you as you join the Blog Community. I don't envy you doing all that shoveling :cold: but your part of the country sounds absolutely beautiful.

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I am so glad you joined our blog community, I always learn so much from caregivers, we all urvivors feel quite independent, but I am sure lot of added responsibilities have been added on caregivers shoulders.


once again Welcome



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Welcome to the world of blogs.


I spent some time last fall on Lake Superior, mainly in Ashland and Bayfield in Wisconsin. I have friends in the Twin Cities, and we drove "Up North" for a few days. The Apostle Island area is very nice. If it is anything like that where you live, it is beautiful there. I don't think I envy you in the winter though. I bet it is chilly.


I wish you all the best.



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Guest lwisman


My niece and her family (husband and 2 kids) live in Wisconsin an hour east of the Twin Cities. They were complaining a month or so ago that it was too warm, not enough snow this year, etc.


Personally I like the milder winter. :big_grin:

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Hi Lesley, There was a gal who belonged to a chihuahua club on like; she was a breeder. She often told us of the country and would send pictures.


Then, last fall my grand nephew was a member of the Jr, Dirt Bike Riders at what us similar to the Olympics but is for Dirt Bikers. They don't really get to see the part of the contry that is most beautiful but see the parts that are challenging. The US Juniors came in second, I believe. He automatically gets to go this year to Chile. They say Join the Navy and see the World; well he,s doing it this way.


:welcome: to the blogworld from me. Twelve hours isdifficult but works out fine in your case. Give a smooch to your bichon. Kmow someone who nbreeds those too. They are very pretty dogs.



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Snow,snow,snow, I'm so sick of it .. It put me in the hospital this month..Shovelling I put my back out and had to go to the hosp in the ambulance as I couldn't walk or stand.. very funny feeling when I can just imagine how terrible it is to unable to walk or stand every day...A bouquet to all those who face these problems..Glad spring is right around the corner can't wait...

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Welcome Lesley!

I am glad you decided to join our blog world here! The group of people here, survivor and caregiver alike- are the best. Between everyone here, there is almost always someone else who has been there, done that.


Definately reminds you that you are not alone, no matter what you are feeling or going through.


I look forward to future blogs!



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Welcome Lesley! :welcome: :welcome: We love to have new company. Your husband is very informative on his blogs and I like to catch it when I can.


So, you can tell us, just between us...George describes himself as the gadget/gizmo guy. Is he like a Tim Allen as in Tim, the tool man? :big_grin: :big_grin: (Just Joshin').


Believe me, we survivors appreciate the caregivers. I've been on both sides of the fence and I know the ups and downs of both. Caregivers have such big hearts and we all are so lucky to have that kind of support in our lives. So, I say again, WELCOME. We look forward to your blogging. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Take Care. LK

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