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no appeal




after extensive conversation with my attys, i think its in my best interest, not to file an appeal and let sleeping dogs lie. the hardest part of all of this is knowing the dr. was wrong and hes getting away with it. i guess i should be thankful, i am still alive. it just hurts to know the profession i worked in for over 20 years let me down. i will never get my former self back, but i can get better than i am now, always room for improvement, i suppose. now to top things off, i have recently found out that a root canal i had awhile ago, part of an instument was left in the tooth canal, which has recentlycaused me a massive infection, that made my head the size of a basketball. i was at the point of cutting it off and shooting some hoops,lol. the pain was so bad, i haven't been able to sleep for days, but today the swelling has gone down some, i am on 2 antibiotics 4x a day and 2 pain meds that barely touched the pain. and the dentist that did the root canal is out of business, bankrupt, go figure. i guess its just the black cloud over my head. next week has to be better, right.



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Sorry to hear about the status of appeal process. One positive thing though, you can now put all this behind you and move forward (after you get dental infection healed). You need a windy day to blow all the junk stuff away so you have bright cheerful days.

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Hey Kimmie,


I don't know as much about malpractice as you do from your experiences but maybe the dentist's insurer is still in business... maybe look into it.. I'm sure there are many lawyers willing to work with you


BUT more importantly..An infected root canal can be an extremely serious problem. It's sounds like you are getting the help you need.

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(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) I have had many dental procedures, root canals, etc.. Take care get well.


sorry to hear about the malpractice suit. But as Donna said ..you can now move forward... and improvement will come.



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Dear Kimmie--

When I'm through whistling up a wind for Mel, I will whistle your way and whistle that black cloud away.


Take Care of yourself and journey on. Take Care. LK

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Hello Kimmie,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

In church today one message was that you have to forget the past before you can move into the future.

At least it is over now, and you can move on.


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