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Saeboflex evaluation




We went to Duluth yesterday for my first Saeboflex evaluation. The results were very encouraging. When I was fitted three weeks ago, I could not grip let alone squeeze the grip strength meter. Those results were listed as "not tested". Yesterday I gripped the meter without difficulty and grip tested 20 lbs! The thumb/index finger pinch test went from "not tested" three weeks ago to 7 lbs. I'm not sure who smiled the most. Me, the OT, or Lesley. We then set new goals for 4, 8. and 12 weeks. Yea Saeboflex!!


The Bowflex has gone from lifting zero resistance on the left side to two sets of ten reps of 20 lbs. This in about one month.


Lets look at what has helped my recovery so far. Was it:

1. My body just recovered on it's own

2. Effort on my part and that of others (translation: hard work)

3. The thoughts and prayers of many

4. Positive attitude

5. Good luck

6. All of the above

7. None of the above


I submit to you that #6, all of the above is the correct answer. Parts of each of the first six answers are correct, I believe. We must take ownership of the problem. Our condition is not ultimately the Dr's, OT, PT, caregivers problem. Right or wrong, fair or not, it is ours to deal with. Years ago I sold Life Insurance I was meeting with a diabetic lady. Seeings how I had a diabetic wife, I was particularly interested. I asked her how much insulin she took. She told me. I asked her if she adjusted that dosage based upon her daily blood test results. She said "oh no, I just take what the Dr. tells me to take". Wrong answer. In her mind, her diabetes was not her problem, but the Dr's. I made no sale that day. She didn't get the insurance.


I am going to ease off the musings for a few days, just like the physical therapy we get takes time, so to does mental cleaning and therapy. I hope that the writings here help produce positive results mentally and physically for some of you. The mere writing of it has at least helped me, if no one else. I will write more soon, but please try to digest and apply where needed what I have written so far. This mental part is like building a wall, you must start with the foundation. In days to come we will talk about how to specifically focus our thoughts and energies on useful things, not on things out of our control.


For those that may occasionally read parts of this blog, please do not take my musings out of context, or in parts that please you or support your point of view, but rather look at the entire program I am proposing here. The daily entries do not necessarily stand on their own, but are part of a complete philosophy. Just as you build a house starting with the foundation before putting on the roof, so it is with what I am trying to do here.


As to writing a book, well in an earlier time I considered it, but living life got in the way. Never got past the title (what you should have learned in school but didn't) and the table of contents. Many thanks for the very kind words of inspiration to me. You all inspire me to keep on keepin' on. Speaking of which, not a pretty sunrise today, Lesley is still sleeping, snow is melting, (not pretty now). These are small negatives, but the good news is that I haven't had a stroke this year!


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So glad you had a good report yesterday. I agree with #6 as the reason why - ALL THE ABOVE :thumbs up:



It's finally dawned on me (duh) I can only control what I do......my insurance company puts limitations on me for therapy and what they'll cover regarding the stroke...that battle I know I can't win....but what I can do and do try to do everyday is look to the positives of the day.


Thank you for your continued words of wisdom......they help remind me to practice what I "preach"


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