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a Bid Thank You

cheer mama



Thanks to all of you out there just for being there and being the great people you are. I mean everyone posters, bloggers, mentors and guests who are just reading posts and blogs.


Yesterday my computer couldn't access the site and I came to realize just how much I missed you all. I have come to know you and depend on you for my morning pick me up or dose of daily reality. In any case a connection to the world. As my world is pretty small right now, you all make it bigger and better. THANK YOU !!!





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Like you, I enjoy posting and blogging as well as connecting with everone through their posts and blogs. Yesterday was a tough one - I for one felt like I was "grounded" until the site opened up in the afternoon. The site was down for updating purposes.

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Hi Marden, Your weldome. Every once in awhile the site needs some up dates or changes. We all miss our routines of checking in.


We usually try to make an announcement that the site may be down for awhile, but you may have missed the post.


We get to know each other, and sometimes worry if someon hasn't posted in awhile.. our on line family.



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