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Still stepping and ??????




Well I am in Texas with my mom for a couple of weeks so she can take care of some business.


I see now that I am pretty scared about going in public but I still go because I have to. I used to be such an out going personality but now I am quiet and reserved. Mostly because I get so frustrated to communicate so I just be quiet. Oh now that really doesn't make sense because I can talk not the best but I can do that. Why can't I seem to remember that?


The last couple of days I have days that I can't understand I had a stroke. Not me... this is all the dream because I feel pretty good. Like I used to feel after a regular day. SOme tiredness but otherwise ok. That is a very strange feeling.


I also am started to care about my appearance again and I didn't do that a couple of months ago. I just wear my to big seats and a sweatshirt. Before all this I used to love watches, I mean there are some womend that love shoes and clothes and I like watches, not the expense ones but the ones that cost 20.00 or less and I have quite a number of them but now I don't even wear a watch. It makes me sad but yesterday I had a desire to wear a watch. That is a good sign.


Yesterday I saw my 5th grade teacher. I immediately asked her I had a stroke so I am recovering. She said oh but then she just said keep going. YOu know I realize I am not ashame that I had a stroke and I would love to educate people that it is not age specific because everyone can get a stroke. NOw I see that having a bad headache is a sign as well. I wish I had known that I wonder if I would have went to the dr. faster. Probably not because it just felt like a sinus headache and I have had those before. Oh well I can't change the fact that this has happened but rather try to understand and learn and be patience. Patience why is that so hard and why am I so hard on myself. I don't know I have to think about that.


I seem to be jumping around all the place when writing this but that is how I feel because I seem to have so much in my head and it just wants to come out and they are all trying to come out the same time.





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Wow Amy


As much as I could read your blog, it looks great. It looks like you are going to the right step. Be proud of your self. After having a stroke, I feel it makes you stronger than ever expectyually you want to educate others. Keep going Amy, I happy for you.




Bill :beer:

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Keep pluggin away. There will be good as well as bad, and the good will out-number the bad. I think that's what you're experiencing now. You're on the right track.

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Good to hear you wanted to wear your watch and something more than sweats. I went thru that also, and being in big stores bothered me. If iwas alone. I did better if I had my husband or daughter, grandson..with me


I started by going to small stores that I knew pretty well alone.


I am not ashamed I had a stroke, and also try to educate people and have given out strokenet work bracelets or the site address to many.


Glad you are getting out and having some good days.. Your self confidence will come back. It just takes practice.


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You are sounding really good - even better than just a week ago- you are pushing into areas you didn't think you could go - that's awesome! Don't worry if no one else can understand your blog - that's what this is here for - for you to write down your thoughts and feelings and your triumphs and "maybe not-so-good" long as YOU understand it - it's all good! We love ta hon! Keep on steppin'!

:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :cheer:

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