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Rob Flying Again




Rob went flying today for the first time since his stroke 19 months ago. He went with a friend in his friends plane. See the gallery photos for the picture of two happy guys!


Since he hasn't been able to fly, Rob started to collect boats last year, and then one of the boats turned into a snowmachine this winter (the black cat). This is the time of year we used to fly out and do winter camping and spring bird hunting. It was always a special trip and my favorite. We have never been "motor heads" however taking up riding the snowmachines is getting us back out into the woods again - we may even be able to do a day bird hunting trip soon.


I posted pictures in the gallery of us on our snowmachines - Rob riding the black cat and I rode our sons machine that they rebuilt this year. It is a little machine and they had all the parts painted pink as they put it back together - so we call it the pink panther.


Riding the snowmachines is really good for Rob - he has to continually balance on both legs, and use his right arm and hand quite a bit.


It was a fun Spring day!



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