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The concert




I'm just home from the Evanescence concert. It was fabulous and I was very nervous about driving and parking, and keeping up with my daughter... who went with me. WE did fine. WE arrived plenty early enough to give ourselves plenty of time to park, potty, and find our seats. I really love this band. The bands songs gave me great strength to me after my stroke, and it was a very emotional concert for me. Yes, I cried happy tears at it. That is just how I do at concerts.... pre-stroke I went to see Ozzy Osbourne twice and..yup, I cried at his too. I have always gotten emotional at concerts.(??????) I guess it is just the way I roll.




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So glad you two had a great time. Not only seeing great concert but having your daughter with you to share it made it doubly exciting I'm sure

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It was so great to see your blog and your outing with your daugter seeing concert together, I just think of great memory buildings for your daugter and get chills, reading your blog made me realize how lucky we are to have this second chance with our loved ones.






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