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Just been crazy for a while here. Have been feeling poorly since before Christmas. So much PAIN!!!! Seem to be catching every cold and virus that passes and the colds hang on.


Just thinking that spring is here. Can't wait to get out into the garden!

With all this pain it has been hard to do "work" but I am trying to barter with a young mom for childcare to help me with the "harder" work. Hope to have a bigger veggie garden and can some things to save $ too.


The only veggies I have grown are tomatoes, peppers, zuccini and cuecumbers. Didn't have much luck with the zuccini or cues though. I want to grow beans, eggplant, snowpeas. Tried herbs last year and made alot of pesto...yummmm...and oregano. Would like to try more herbs too.





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Guest lwisman


Hi Mary,


I grow lots of herbs. Some are planted in pots which I bring inside in the fall and put out again in the spring. The rosemary has been growing well for years. For two years have also brought in oregano which has done well. This year the thyme make it, but is looking spindly. Some years it all dies before spring.


I plant most herbs in containers. I have several window box type containers and some are by themselves. We put basil in the garden so there is more. Also, the dill, chives and mint come up every year. One caution if you haven't tried mint. Put it in a container (you can plant the container) or by itself. Ours is one the side of the house. It does not have much to compete with. Mint spreads by growing roots sideways and it will take over if you are not careful.


I still have pesto in the freezer from last year. At the end of the season I also dry herbs. I just tie them up and hang for a few days. Then take from stems and put in jars. Herbs harvested from your own garden are much better than anything you buy in the store.


We have good luck with both snow peas and green beans. Our peppers are not very good -- only work in cooking as they are bitter. I imagine it has something to do with soil content, but don't really know. We also do tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, spinach, shallots. Shallots are a good idea. The last time I priced them in the grocery store they were out of sight expensive. We buy sets. They grown like onions. They are great in salads, eggs, salad dressing. Anywhere you want a lighter onion taste.

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I grow a few herbs in tubs too, I don't have to take them in in winter here as it is so mild. Some do grow spindly so I leave them in till spring and then replace them. I just pull all the leaves off the old plant and throw it away.


Some things grow mad. like the mint and I can fill up any spaces with that. I make herbed fritters with a handful of some herbs, an egg, some flour and milk to mix. They go with just about anything.


Good luck with your garden Mary, it is good to have fresh herbs as Lin says. And it is another contribution you can make to greening Planet Earth.



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