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A Couple of Sundries...




Yesterday, I walked unaided and w/out supervision to the other end of the block and back to the mailbox at the opposite end of the block. In all, I completed (2) lengths of the block. I was proud of myself. I had no curiosity to see how gravity worked; I know it always pulls down. I did not fall but I know if I did, it would've been my own fault. My next goal is to walk to the gym w/out any aid and so this is the first step towards that goal. I walked looking ahead, not down. I did not wobble much. However, towards the end of my walk, there were some kids in their garage and I tried to look to the side to take a look but lost balance in my head. Strange, these sensations. You can't describe them properly to people and I never thought I would ever feel like some of this stuff. Electrical impulses really play w/ your brain. I wonder if I will ever get my balance back to where I had it.


Today, I can't attempt this feat; I don't feel I have the balance I did and I have a lot of "electricity" going through my body. I'm just working on the treadmill and do some "squats."




Yesterday, my youngest son called me. He is a County policeman. He is the one who has given me all my grey hairs. He says surely my older son must have contributed to that but no, it was only my youngest son. We had a long telephone conversation and finally he said he understood I had a blog. I admitted to it. I asked how he knew and he said he was just searching the internet and found it. I guess that's why he's so good at his job. Nosy little bugger :yukyukyuk: (sorry for all of you where this is a "bad" word. I like using words from foreign countries where they aren't "bad" words here. I feel like I'm getting away w/ something). I love him and I certainly don't mind him finding my blog or anyone else for that matter.


He said he read the "ICK" Factor. Generally, I like to make people feel comfortable but I had to be true to myself and I told him that was the way I felt. He said he never knew he hurt me like that. He said he hadn't been a very good son. I told him he was the best person he could be.


We had a very long talk and I think it was a healing talk. I love my son more than words can say. We used to have such a great relationship. He used to make me laugh so much. I loved the way we would teased each other and made each other laugh; he would just say funny things. He has the greatest smile and best laugh in the world and I love to see it and hear it. But the things I admire most in him are, he has friends from all walks of life, he has integrity and honesty, he is a true gentleman and he has a code of ethics which he lives up to. Both of my sons have these characteristics and that is what I admire and love about both of them. I keep saying, I don't know what I did to deserve these two as my sons but Dang if I wouldn't do it again in a snap.


He says he's going to try to come more to see me. He wishes I lived closer (I say, from where he lives, its all down hill to here...but that's me :giggle: ). I would love his company and I am glad I am not the "ICK" Factor to him. We will see how it goes.


I hope all is well w/ you and yours. Take Care. LK



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Hi there! And congratulations on your stroll. :wtg: . The conversation you had w/ your YS was enjoyable and moving. If he does any more searches and reads this one he'll probably :blush-anim-cl:

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congratulations on your unaided walk, keep it up, and it will become easier and easier, I am sure you will achieve your goal of walking to gym unaided. glad you had great talk with your son, your both sons sounds like great guy, hopefully even my only kido will turn out like that.




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Well done, i'm so close to walking buy myself unassisted it's not funny. this will give me inspiration to achieve my goal.


:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:

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Congrats on the walk today. My walking improved a great deal in the 2 nd yr post stroke. I don't walk as fast as I used to and I do have a limp. but I do go more forward than sideways now, and balance is better most days. I get the "wobbly days" once in awhile, mainly if I have over done or if I am tired. Don't put yourslef at risk, but practicing and strengthing the legs does help.


Glad you had a good conversation with your son :)



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What a wonderful Blog. I love the ICK factor if it is what I think it means. I have a lot of that with my kids, both grown and both loved more than they will ever let me show. It's great that he is there as you struggle to get better.At times I whish one of my kids were here when I sturggle.Dave

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