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It's a great day




It is one fine morning today. Not a cloud in the sky. Cold, but will get warmer. I'm waiting for my truck to get towed home. Drove it to a shop, and now they cant get it started. They say I need a new motor. I'll pick at it myself for a while first.

Need to get my trees ordered. I still want those Almond trees. I also want a couple more Pecans.

My Nerve pain is taking on more of the hot sensation. My shoulder has constant pain, but now it feels like I am wearing a heating pad down the side of my neck, over my shoulder, and down my arm. I notice my leg is hotter also. My leg also has more of the tingling, asleep feeling.

I transplanted about 15 of my pine trees over the past week. I filled in where trees were missing on the sides of our property. I'll get new saplings to fill in where I took them from in the back.

I built a pole barn just before I stroked. I was not finished all the way yet. I need to get the electrical put in. A friend told me to build it 20 feet longer than I did. Now I see why. They fill up with stuff fast.

Towtruck driver just called for directions. I better go wait for him.



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Al, I just read all your blogs. I am so sorry you had all that trouble being diagnosed. It is a crying shame in this day and age where there are so many tests etc that doctors can run to find out what is wrong that some just don't bother. Are they lazy, undertrained or what?


Ray had one stroke go undiagnosed here, it is harder with the additional ones as levels of speech , movement etc usually haven't been charted. I am not good at describing what level exactly Ray is at with all his activities and that is what it usually comes down to, my description of what he previously could or could not do.


I'm glad you did get on the right treatment eventually but what a shame it all took so long and you were allowed to lose so much.


I hope you are able to make the most of the warmer weather to get all those little chores done. It always gives me great satisfaction to get some chores crossed off my to do list.



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