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Musical Update




I now can recognize the notes A, B, C, D, F and G on the musical staff and I know the fingerings and an alternate fingering for B. I've attempted to play ' When the Saints Go Marching In' with a small bit of success. I played it for Awesome Chick and when I was done I told her what it was. She quickly responded something like "Oh yeah it took me just a second but I knew what it was." She is such a kind person.


Today was the day I learned F. This is the first note that will require me to finger with both hands. Previously all notes I've played have been done with just the left hand.


I've noticed that repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to remembering my notes and fingering. I also find that if I practice two or three times per day for like 10 minutes it is more productive than one long 30 minute session. The biggest problem I face is that the "interface" between me, the music on the sheet and the fingers on the Recorder is VERY slow. Unfortunately that interface is my damaged brain. To see a note on the staff, recognize what that note is, remember what the fingering for that note is and get my fingers into position is a very very loooooong time.


I am fortunate that I come from a VERY musically gifted family. Both of my parents have Bachelors Degrees in Music Theory and my Dad also has a Masters in Childhood Education. He was a teacher for 30 years. Several times I've been stuck on something and asking them gets me unstuck. One idea my dad had that was REALLY helpful was to start out by putting numbers for the number of fingers a note requires to be played below the note on the page. This helped me just concentrate on learning the fingering and I gradually started to recognize the notes and I could do away with the fingering hints.


Well I'm off to go practice "my music". Jingle Bells is the next song I get to massacre. :violin:


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Yes it takes practice, practice, and more practice. You are reteaching your brain. Although it seems like it is taking forever, it's probably not in all reality. My daughter had a recorder in elementary school, which eventually headed her into playing the violin (she's in her 6th year). Pre she tried to teach ME lol - I'm not musically inclined outside of listening/enjoying. As a matter of fact, my parents BEGGED me to stop playing the clarinet in elementary school.

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hey Dave:


repetion is key I hear in learning anything, that's why leg comes first, since we walk on our 2 legs all day long, if I walked like animal, my hand would have come back too, but I am very for you, you are learning all the notes, my kido will loose for sure, he is not doing any practices. yor awesome chick is very kind and awesome.



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