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Betty Jean



Well, it's been a little while since I've written so I just thought I'd givr you a little update on things at my house. Our son came over with the grandkidsand that was enough to perk Jim right up. Then Dane (our son) tweaked the little helicopter and got it flying really well and Jim figured out how to fly the darned thing one handed. It's kept Jim busy for hoirs. The only problem is that we have two 70 lb boxers who think the helicopter is big ole dragonfly or something. They chase after yhe thing and try to bat it down and yhen pounce on it when it's down. They are a lot of fun to watch as long as we don't let them hurt the copter.


The next time Dane brought the kids over I put Jim'shoes on him and we took jim outside fppr a walk, Jim thought we were going to push him around but I thought we were going to get him up and walk him. Jim protested and fussed A LOT but I wasn't going to be stopped and Jim got up and walked a ways down from his chair and then sat on our little wall to rest and then I made him walk back to the chair. While he was walking he GRIPPED Dane's hand with his left hand which he hasn't been able to do before so I got two gifts in one afternoon and one very angry husband. I can handle the angry part, I'm going to make him walk again today so he will get angry again but he knows it's for his own good and he can just get over it. Sometimes I just have to have my way and there is nothing he can do about it. I think it's called tough love. Anyway, I'm celebrating!


Betty Jean



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Betty Jean:


congratulations, keep your tough love going, and make Jim walk inside house, if he is unsure let him use cane but get him moving, once confidence builds up, add outside walks too.

tell him by walking he will be sparing your back, and you guys will have more wonderful years together.



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Get Jim up and walkin' more so he can get a GRIP on things!!!!! :giggle: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :giggle: Take Care. LK

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That is just great news Betty Jean! Nothing like kids to liven up your day. My son-in-law owns a helicopter school in WA and wants one of those radio controlled helicopters. For a joke I bought him one of those small wood models from the hobby shop!


I am laughing out loud thinking about the boxers! What a fun site that must have been. Laughter is good for the soul isn't it?

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