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Over the weekend I was reading Annie's blog( I think) or it may have been Sue who was asked by friends what they do all day, so I have been thinking exactly what do I do all day now that I'm retired and living in my retirement home? Have I gotten Yang and I so scheduled and organized? Is my home office neat and functional? Is my house so clean anyone is welcome to eat off of my floors? Does my home have a fresh dash of spring curb appeal? The answer is a loud NO! My days consist of tiny blocks of time and attention to all these things and then I'm exhausted and I need a nap. I no longer have the high level of energy I had pre stroke. And most days I am at peace with this new slower me. Me post stroke takes 3 days to vaccum the house and if the dusting and swiffer mopping the floors gets done at the same time, well we consider that a reason to take a week off. Except this week on Friday my company arrives for a weeks vacation and we're hosting Easter dinner.

Sooooooooo. just what do I do all day??????? The answer for me is I'm a day dreamer and dream away hours every day, I also give hours a day to thinking about things, some helpful and mentally healthy and others that can be classified in the Doesn't matter column. In between all that mental stimulation I do try to be productive in the form of Domestic duties. So though it doesn't tally up to appear to be hugely busy, it tires me out and reinforces that I am a stroke survivor that is differently abled. I write this because although I have reached acceptance and feel I've always been this way, I do have days that I struggle with not being productive as I once was. Maybe I will always be battling this issue, I don't know. I do know that I like being retired and try not to pressure myself with long lists of things to do. So what do YOU do all day?




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A lot of the time, I use the Avoidance Tactic. I sit and look at the mess and then I go into my mind and imagine my beautiful house is clean and organized. I like that picture so much better than the reality. There is so much I want to do.


BS, I would clean my protective shower curtain, vacuum the mattress and wash the pillows monthly. I would turn my mattress every six months. I would take a garbage bag and one by one place the decorative pillows inside and attach the vacuum to the bag and suck out all the dust mites from the pillows. I would regulary clean out my cupboards, wash them down thoroughly. I kept things in their place. If something didn't have a place, I found a place for it. I don't like clutter. I washed the windows and the space between the windows and screens. Cobwebs, be gone. You get the picture. I don't do these anymore, or at least not since I moved here and its been a good six months. I just don't have the energy.


A week ago, someone asked me what do I do all day long. I thought at first, nothing. I'm not accomplishing a thing. But wait, I am doing something. My job right now is to get better. I am working on my walking, I am working on my exercise, I am working on my motivation. This is my job right now so that later, when I am as well and as strong as I can be, I will be able to own a dog, I will be able to get a job and hopefully, be able to have my own house and be back w/ my friends. I'm not sure I will be able to move back to the Eastern Shore, the land that I love, but its a goal and what are we w/out goals and dreams? Take Care. LK

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I had missed Annie's blog, but after reading hers and yours my belief has reinforces, that it does not matter that I am not 100 % busy at all times, but I am spending and doing things which are making huge difference in quality of our life, I feel lucky for having stroke, I am having cake and eating it too. I bet you will be very busy next week entertaining your guests, hopefully your son comes too, it will be great easter vacation for you all.





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