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The Unco-ordinated one strikes again!



I again made a call to Walmart in Palm Coast, but this time, it was to set up a display. It really wasn't going well and then the instructions said to put the round base of the spinner into the cup. The spinner is taller tham I am but fortunately, all packages of stickers or baloons are held in place with shrink wrap. Well, after about trying 5 times, I found the hole; then spinner # 2 for the baloons - and funally I found the hole for that one too.


The next thing was to put the top on the top end of the pole. There I was with my arms in the air, lifting something over my head and trying to find 2 holes up their. A tall, good semaritian, saw my struggle and put it on for me. I thanked him graciously.


The next part was to fasten the security bar to the metal stripes of the peg board backing. For this another tall young man who had brought the display out to me. It was done! Except for the header sign which was not sent - and that I could have reached and done. Well, I will, next week when the sign is sent to me and I go to play with a different brand of carpet sweeper. This time, I believe it is a Dirt Devil


Oh yes, you know the way some of you have difficult7 "driving" a wheel chair? Try pushing around a palette jack loaded with huge empty cartons, finding out that the main stock room is too full and taking it to the food "back room" and trash packer via not tripping through the tulips" but hitting stacks of things. It took one hour just to finally get rid of the trash thanks to a food employee who hoisted the large cardboards that I carried from the place where I was stuck to the trash compacter and this kind man putting them in. Oh yes, I'm too short for that too. LOL!


Fred, if you are reading this, be sure to check one out in your Wally's World. You may find a baloon that says Fred to add to your scooter. :big_grin:


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Phyl, I think this one would have made it to the finalist on "Funniest Home Video's"


I am short also.. have been known (pre-stroke) to climb on the shelves in the grocery isle to reach an item on the top shelf. (After checking no one else in the isle..lol) I now generally wait until a nice tall person comes down the isle.. and I ask...LOL

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I too am a shorty 5'3" (used to be 5'4" - Shrinking already). Like Bonnie, prestroke I would do whatever it took to get to high places. I think you and I would be a funny pair as I too am extremely uncoordinated LOL. And...taking on projects with assembly involved.....nightmare!!



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I don't have to watch charlie chaplin just read your blogs and stunts at the store gives me enough laugh. I know now which job I should not apply for, I don't consider myself short but with left side paralysed reaching things from tall shelf has become harder, but luckily have tall hubby.



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Good Heavens, Phyllis--The challenges you set up for yourself. I am 5'8" and lend my height to anyone in the store. They'll accept my help as long as I am not lurching around like a drunken sailor. Then they look at me like I'm mental. Oh well... Take Care. LK
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They got boxes of that stuff in a day ago and are setting it all up in what used to be the layaway department. Haven't taken a peek lately but see what's going on when going to the break room next door.


I guess that is where the Easter rabbit will be staying. It's crammed pack with all sorts of things.

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You are amazing, Phyllis! You may be too short for some tasks but you sure are getting a lot of cognitive exercises out of the stuff you have to do on the job. :) I don't think I could work as hard as you and I'm younger.



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So now many "shorties" have responded, there are the advantages - of that and of being "old" LOL!. Yesterday when setting the top shelf, the mgr. of the store must have had a fit when he saw someone on an egg crate, I heard a man shreiking (just about) the name of the Winn/Dixie reset supervisor. Shortly after the reset supv. comes over to me and told me that the mgr. wants me to use the step saver. They are plastic raisers that are somewhat weighted. He told me to use 2 or 3 (and he gave a look as if to say he understand but we have to do it). OK, I got them (there were only 2) and 2 did not make me as tall as I needed to be to get to the back of the top shelf- even on my tippy toes. My team lead, a tall man, came over and made a remark and then said, get down, I will do it for you, and he put up the piece I was having trouble with. I did use 1 egg carton to get up on so I could reach the 2 step savers and to get off- no way I was going to jump down that distance. I heard no complaint about that. This is why I like worker with this team; they are really nice in very way.


Yes, customers and store employees are very helpful- however, when customers see me on the floor, they think I may have fallen (because I am old) and at first don't realize that I have to reach all the way back on the lowest shelf.


I also have the help of the W/D supervisor. I strip the shelves and he is good enough to set the shelves. Not only can they be heavy but I cannot reach a 4' span to hold a shelf and of course could never get them even. Hey, he sometimes is a notch off.


I may be short and can't help that, but I am learning to control my clumsiness and what I must do to get my rows back straight. I get a lot of happiness when I'm done and see the shelves looking the way they should- just as they are when a new store opens. :big_grin:

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I remember my days with P & G. Our displays were shipped to us and we had to take them into the store and assemble them then stock them. One time a grocery manager and I were building a display of Bounty at the front of the store. He graciously volunteered to take that dolly of empty Bounty cartons to the back of the store. When he pulled around the corner where a freezer was he bumped the ceiling and the cartons went tumbling down. A woman was standing by the freezer and I thought she'd have a heart attack.


The store owner happend to be in the store - and he was a real corker. He didn't come to me, but the manager got a real reprimand. The woman had very recently actually been hospitalized with a heart condition. Truth is stranger than lies and when the manager told me that I almost fainted. If she'd passed out I bet Lynn would have lost his job and I would have lost mine too.


The one thing about putting those displays together is that you do learn to follow directions first instead of trying to put the thing together than finding a critical piece laying at the bottom of the carton the display comes in!!! The other thing about the displays is.....you can always find a cute young man around to bat your lashes at and get some help! Age has its perks sometimes, and ya' gotta take 'em where you get 'em!!!



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