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Things Going Bump In The Night




Firstly a very happy Easter everyone.

No real progress in my recovery, no physio last week as I wasn't well, but things to tell. Saturday at 2am (Friday night) Ross was woken by running on my ramp and the security lamp lighting. Rather than the more sensible call 999 he investigated. Of course I lay there imagining knives and all sorts. He saw a young man in a white (clever villain, melts well into the dark!) hoodie in next door's garden and challenged him. Thankfully he just ran off. He'd already opened that gate, ran down the alley and into a house at the back, not sure which but Ross thinks belongs to a Landscape Gardener. On a good look round there was no car. We lost just the dolphin part of the fountain, useless to them on its own though critical for us too to use the fountain. Seems almost certain one man came over next door's fence (to avoid triggering the light, they must have checked it sometime, this and the fountain only visible from our garden) then passed the dolphin over the fence to an accomplice. Base was heavier than he realised and while struggling he set off security light and ran away. Thinking all was clear he came back and Ross found him. Ambitious to say the least to pass the base over the fence, it's stone and takes two men to lift! For now we have bolted and locked the gate for my safety, and Ross put a bucket of dirty water where the man climbed over so its unpleasant if they come back which is unlikely. Long term we'll plant prickly plants by the fence, and have security lights in the back garden as well as the side as clearly they deter. Police said ours was one of four in the area broken into that night for garden equipment. Lesson for all is please phone police if you suspect a burglar is around, put as much equipment as you can under lock and key, and do install security lighting, these burglars clearly hated it. If the worst does happen, ensure best you can you aren't hurt!

The other thing is our 14 year old's bed. You will have heard of sleep walking but ever heard of sleep kicking? You have now. Wasn't a tall tale as a bleary eyed and blinking boy who'd obviously just woken was completely confused as he told me how he woke on a trashed bed and had bruised legs! He'd kicked it to pieces in places but remembers nothing.

Personally I've discovered embroidery, counting squares on fabric and following a pattern to determine where my needle goes. Don't be scared of standard wooden frames with one hand to use, the frame sits on a table in front and its as quick as for a two hander. Anyone needing to encourage dexterity could use a larger scale weave in the material but mercifully not a problem I have. My ability at drawing is rivalled by the average 5 year old so this is my attempt at being artistic! Reminds me of a naughty and silly tale. I made the name "I like cross stitch" once for an online game. I was absolutely astounded to be banned as an offensive nickname! Took a little while to realise software had seen the word "t*t" in my name.

On that note I'll say goodbye, and while eating too much chocolate try to remember why we have Easter.



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