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Feeling pretty good




Had some different weather the past couple of weeks, had snow for the first time, fortunately didn't plant any new flowers before that. Had a feeling snow was on the agenda before spring was over.was in the 80's the week before it fell, today is a beautiful day after much rain this morning, knocked down the pollen, very happy about that!

Finally got myself back in physical therapy as Medicaide gave me the month of April, twice a week and it's getting me back to working hard at recovery again. Am now a year and a half survivor and I think I thought most of the recovery would just happen by itself eventually, it doesn't!

The battle continues, good luck to all my survivor friends.



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Good luck on the April therapy. I am 2 years post. Medicaide won't approve any more therapy even with my doc recommending it. PC was not in agrrement and filed an appeal - nope - still denied. PC then referred me to neuro (who was the biggest nincompoop I've ever met). Bottom line - I do what I can on my own and there is small improvements. This summer I qualify for medicare - maybe I get more assistance there.


As to your snow - spring will settle in - Jack Frost just doesn't like to give up easily.

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Some does come back but 1-1/2 years may not be a long enough time. Took my brain almost 3 years to walk up the srairs like an adult but when going down didn't happen in a few weeks, I did it myself - and you can too!


We know that repetition is the answer; you can't just sit there and wait - and you must have PATIENCE. We're talking stroke and it is VERY SLOW.


Your current month should give you some good exercise; keep them up until they are second nature.


Good luck.



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Hi Bill, good to see you back. how is the golf.. probably not easy in the snow.. unless you have neon orange gold balls..lol


Glad you got some more PT. My insurance ran out 3 months after stroke, but I continued my exercises and added things as I progressed. Yes the key to improvement seems to be repetition. other brain cells are trying to learn what the damaged ones did ... seems like sometimes they are slow learners..(lol) and it takes showing them many many many times what you want them to learn.


Keep on doing as much as you can. My walking improved a great deal in the 2nd yr post stroke.. I walk with a limp, I have 90% use of my left arm and hand.. don't compare yourself to "pre"stroke, but look at how far you have come since a few weeks after...


Best wishes to you.

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