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Continuing to survive




17 months. I have blogged about this before and I find it to still be true - I find myself becoming more and more aware...'waking up'. by looking back and understanding things that I didn't or couldn't at the time. I wonder if and/or when I will ever be fully aware or awake.


I am coming out of the anger and bitterness that had such a tight grip on me. Bitterness at my body for betraying me, anger at myself for not getting to the hospital sooner. I feel the beginning of hope. :laughbounce:


It is a great feeling. It isn't related to my ability to recover. I think it is from my psychological growth and review of my situation. My birthday was yesterday. My first birthday since the stroke that I am happy that I am alive. My first birthday as a Dr. :yukyukyuk: and I am beginning to believe that I deserve the degree.


I am hopeful that my life will have a purpose.


There is no possible way that I could have made it as far as I have without Bob :hug: I hope to become half of the person he is. Honest, full of integrity, caring, selfless, truly the man of my dreams (Bob, I know you are reading this - I will still get irritated at you at times, just to warn you! :lol:)


There is hope and life after stroke. You couldn't have convinced me of this just months ago :nuhuh: As one of the biggest skeptics, I am here to say otherwise! :cheer:



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it feels so great to see your blog, belated Happy Birthday, I feel same way with my hubby, such a great soul, we are lucky to have great partners like our husband, that does lesson the impact of stroke though.



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It is great to see your wonderful attitude. I know the feeling. It takes time for the emotional and mental side to heal as well. I'm one year now, post stroke, and my life attitude has changed so much since my insult occured-for the better of course.


Tell your husband that he has a great name. LOL



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Glad to see your future looks bright - it does take time for the "mental" effects to stabilize and to start liking youself once again. Your hubby sounds super - does he have a brother or Uncle? :big_grin:

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