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i've been here since january 3 now...i'm hanging in as i still feel it's my best shot at recovering whatever percent of lost function i can get back...thusfar i have not had any miraculous returns...the people who have gone before me pretty much saw most of their returns in the fourth and fifth months here...a notable exception is a woman who came here with me back in january who did get a wonderful return...she can extend her fingers on her affected hand fully now!...she stroked in october 2004 and her hand was in a similar condition as mine... she had some finger flexion but no extention...she did have the ability to lift her arm however prior to starting tcm treatment which i did not...i don't think she has fine motor control with these fingers yet nor full sensation on the skin but i am impressed and happy for her to have had such a wonderful improvement...and tcm continues to work after the treatment stops...i'll keep posting any interesting developments...best, richxxx

ps...my 6 days in shanghai went wonderfully...we got to take two day trips...hangzhou and suzhou...just being in china's biggest and most exciting city did my soul good!



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