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A True Event Unthinkable




Well, I haven't blogged in a while so here is a life experience as one of a kind.


My niece passed away on Monday this week while in the hospital with breast cancer, so it was a matter of time. Her husband died the same day, probably around noon, while cutting a yard for an elderly lady in his neighborhood.


The search was on for him, he couldn't be found, to give him the news about his wife's passing at the hospital where he visits daily. His kids went to the ladys house to ask his whereabouts. She looked out the kitchen window, saw his lawn mower still near the back fence, noticing he had finished the yard. She said to the kids, "that's not like him to leave his mower, he usually take it back home."


At that point they all thought he had gone some place with a neighborhood friend for a beer since his car was in the garage at home. All the time, his body was lying out side the back porch, not visible from the kitchen window.


After many calls to his cell phone, no answer, the kids started to investigate by back tracking. They went into the back yard to retrieve the lawn mower. That's when they noticed his body lying near the porch, out of sight from the kitchen window view.


It was now late evening, 911 called, initial conclusion was stroke or heart attack and it was determined he died around 11am. His wife passed around 10am at the hospital, same day. Both kids were at work when they got the news of their mom's death and went straight to the hospital. Then the search for their father began to give him the unexpected news.


So, the services for both of them is today, Saturday in Houston, Tx, my hometown. They were both in their early 50's, kids about 30 something. My other nephew who started preaching at an early age, now in his 30's will direct the services. It's his cousins.


So, good people I'm off here to get some sleep, early rising to drive to Houston but will return Saturday night. I know we'll all be in your prayers, God bless and he knows best!



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Wow, Fred, your story took my breath away. I am so sorry. My condolences to all of your family. My prayers will be with you all.



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I am so sorry for your family's loss. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers. Please have a safe trip to Houston and back.






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so sorry for your loss, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, but looks like these couple was bonded for life and death.




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I thank all of you, it was very emotional. They left behind 3 sons, a daughter and a grand child.


It's always hard for a mother to funeralize a child, especially your baby child. She had cancer that went undetected until it was too late for an operation in another part of her body besides the breast and with her heart condition as it was and other health problems too.


For him, they think stroke, but until the cause of death comes back from the autopsy, they won't know for sure.

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:( Words will never properly express my sorrow for your loss, but please know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers


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