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Life's seasons




Lesley now reports that the body parts she helped handle last night were those of an itinerant man known in the area and not seen for some time. It appears he went for a walk in the woods, probably last fall and died of unknown causes and wild animals ate his remains which were hidden by snow until recently. No signs of foul play. An amazing ER she works in. They never know what will come thru the door. Anything from fish hooks in hands to vehicle accidents, skiing accidents, baby deliveries, nursing home patients. They call it "womb to tomb" It is the same ER I went thru four months ago.


Life's seasons. I submit that there are seasons in life and when that season ends, that opportunity is likely over. When I was a teenager (many years ago!), myself and two buddies planned a bicycle trip after high school graduation around the western USA from our homes in Indiana to the west coast and back. Crazy, but that is what teenagers think about. We trained hard, got the equipment we needed, but the older of us got drafted (Vietnam), and dropped out of the trip. 10 days before departure, my other buddy decided he was in love with this hot girl and had to stay home and court her. I was left alone. I talked to my dad and asked him what to do. Dad and I didn't often agree in those years (remember I was a teenager about to graduate) but he said a very profound thing to me that has always stuck with me. he suggested I take a short trip of a few weeks and circle Lake Michigan alone. He told me that if I didn't do it now, I never would. He was right. I didn't do it then and I never did. That season in my life passed, never to come again.


I am sure we can all think of seasons in our life that have come and gone. People have asked me since my stroke what I think of life now. I tell them don't let your dreams get too far ahead of you, you may not be able to catch them later. Think of the seasons in your own life. Child raising years, college years, good job years, golden retirement years, etc. Many of us (like me) are in what is likely the final season. All of the afore mentioned seasons are behind me. Lesley and I moved up here two years ago the culmination of a life long dream of mine. To have all summer to fish and walk in the woods here wherever I wanted to. One evening last summer I was alone in my canoe on a glass smooth lake with beavers and moose swimming around me, a few nice walleyes on a stringer no one else on the lake, the sun slowly and beautifully setting in the west. I thought to myself "I have to keep this going, this is as good as it gets". Little did I know of the challenges a few short months would bring. I expected to have maybe 20 such years to live my dream. I got one. Our first year we were building the house, fishing was a secondary priority. Last summer was my dream come true. Then December 8, 2006 changed my life. My final life season nearly got cut short. Why am I working so hard to recover? To finish living out my dream for the length of time I expected to! If I have anything to say about it, a stroke will not stop my dream! It interupped it, but if I can help it I will not allow it to end the dream I know will not pass my way again. I am not fighting just to live, I am fighting to live out my final dream! Living is one thing, over six billion people manage that on this planet at the moment. Living your dream, that is a privilege few enjoy for long, if at all. Now you know mine, what's your dream?


Share it here so we will all know.


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What is my Dream? Hmmmmm........it has changed since the stroke landed in my life on 1-1-05. For now, considering attainable dreams, my dream is to be the best Mom I can be to my daughter; to guide her through her remaining high school years and as she prepares to attend college. I will be sitting at her college graduation, as she was at mine, cheering her on. I will support and encourage her as she pursues her career choice of veternarian. One day, I will attend her wedding, followed by becoming a grandma to her children. I'll continue to be a Mom to my furry creatures. What will I do after Kiddo graduates and is on her own? I dream that my recovery will proceed to the point that I can obtain a paid employment position - as I am still young enough to work.

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