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Today I am going to vent about stupidity....my own. :im stupid:




I was on Spring Break last week, so I took the opportunity to visit my Family Doc. He suggested that i have a cholesterol test done as he didn't have that information from the specialist I saw after my stroke. So I fasted Wednesday night, and arrived bright and early on Thursday morning ready for my test. I was pretty smug about it too because I said to myself, "I don't have a cholesterol problem. I don't know why I am doing this." They took the blood and I thought no more about it until Thursday when I got "the phone call." The nurse told me my numbers were not as they should be and that the doc said I needed to get my act together. Now, how stupid am I? My dad has high cholesterol, and I had a stroke. It seems that those two things would make me think that I should take better care of myself. But no, not me, that would be too easy.


After I quit crying, I put on my walking shoes and got down to business. I cleaned out the bad food in the cabinets, and vowed that I was going to win this battle too. :Rant-Off:





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You're not stupid, just human. Even sometimes with family history of a medical condition we still have the blinders on and say "Not ME" :yeahrite: The good thing as that you are now aware and can take appropriate precautions so you can be around for a L-O-N-G L-O-N-G time :D

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I agree with Donna, it's family background can impact cholestrol, I am vegatarian, don't eat whole lot fried stuff, don't smoke, don't drin coffee or tea still had high choloestrol, I exercise 4 days in a week, so I don't know any other way to lower my cholestrol except to kep eye on it.




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