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Spring is here for Grand Marais.

The Kiwi Bird.



:Clap-Hands: Yeh, the snow is gone and we have sunshine. I have my first crocus bulbs out,3infact. A yellow,white and purple.George and I have been out doing some gardening, and Thurs will find me digging the Vege garden and putting in some manure, to let it settle for a couple of weeks. The birds are beginning to nest and we fixed our bird house today put and extended perch out front for them.


I finished my w/end nights and our new car is doing fine. I feel like the Queen driving down the Gunflint trail at 45mph to work.George says I look cute when I come home in the morn sitting there in my new car and red coat. It has plenty of room and I do like the way the doors open 82 degrees. This is easy for George to get in and out and me too for that matter. We bought an '07 Honda CRV -EX. It has all the bells and whistles on.Now I do not need to push George in to our vehicle. I had to for him to get into our Dodge truck we sold.


I made some preserved orange peel yesterday and now I can use it in baking on the odd occassion.It smelt so good in the pot on the stove.I like to make cranberry and orange scones for us to have with a cup of tea.Thurs I have a friend coming over to share a movie with us and I will make Chillie.Then we will have a scone.YumYum.


We go to Thunder Bay Canada tomorrow for George's therapy. This is a new sort for him and it is called Active Release Therapy. He found it on the internet and has done his research so here goes. I guess he will report at a later time on the progress.

We will also do some grocery shopping,(George doesn't know this yet) Ha Ha Boy is he in for a thrill Ha.Just what he loves,pushing a cart around the store.


Jasmine, our 17lb Bichon dog will come to, I have all her shots current,and letter to this effect and our passports ready. :cheer:


Must away now until next time.George finally carried his canoe today and he has Blogged if you are interested,also he attached 2 photos I took while he was doing the task." Way To Go George." :hug:


Kia Ora


The Kiwi Bird




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Way to go, George! (re: p/u canoe). You all will be in my thoughts while you are in Canada for the Active Release Therapy. I hope it goes well for you all. Upon your return, pls do tell us all about it and what it is, etc. Inquiring minds want to know. Take Care. LK
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