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Tying up loose ends




Right now, I feel like Mr. Magoo. Had an opthamology appt. several hours ago and a nap but I am still "suffering" from the dialation. Takes me so long to return to normal. I ended up going to the same office where my Dr. had retired and saw one of the other Dr.s, Saved going through starting again with paperwork etc. In a way, I can see where a neuro-opthamologist would perhaps be better but the only local one in in Orlando and a woman. Sad to say, but I am a female "male chauvinist pig". Yes, some females may be superior to men physicians but I feel that often women may get into medical school of % etc. JMHO. After going, I feel that this Dr. is like so many professionals as well as lay-people who know NOTHING or NOT MUCH about stroke. OK so I have a cataract but I also had a stroke and in the area of the occipital nerve and that whole mess- a neuro Op. would know, but this man said surgery would let me see better but I feel that at this time, I can wait since there is no guarantee that this has nothing to do with having or not having a stroke. I believe the side affect of one of my medications is possible cataract. Anyway, my glasses from last year are still ok for driving and the state will get the paper stating this. I'm quiter pleased. I have other questions I'd like to ask people about (sight related, but at another time.


#2) Petals of life. I did find the way to send it on but it has to be attached and I do not believe I can do that through our message board. If anyone who is computer savvy knows it is possible, please let me know. I do think though because of security issues, it is not allowed.


#3) The birthday is long gone now but the big point is Martin's. Every year when I was alone in So. Florida, I'd treat myself to my "yearly steak. I went to Outback's a few years, a place I can no longer remember thename of but could drive there if it id still there for a few years and a place called Longhorn's. My room-mate at step-down loved Martin's and it is a place I passed by several times a week. Since, it wasn't to be a dual celebration as the past several years ago and she asked me where I wanted to go, I thought Martin's, but I didn't want it to be so over-priced, so I went online hoping to get a menu, but there was none, BUT there weree remarks about the place and I was shocked at one letter from a woman. She really trashed the place and I figured she was just "that" type of person. I decided to stop in and see if they had a menu and check and it was within reason and so we went there. It was wonderful - service and food. So much for that lady. Do go online and check out restaurants and sometimes get menus and prices so that there won't be disappointments - and if there are comments, take some with a grain of salt.


Well, long-winded, but this will make up for being away for a long time and maybe get me off page 512! :big_grin:



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Glad to hear you're driving is good to go. Glad you had good birthday dinner. As to petalsoflife, I will pm you my personal email address, ok?



And...you're on page #1 lol

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The opomologist can give you reversal drops to speed recovery from pupil dialation. You may have to ask for them, we did, but they have them.

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I know what you mean about having more confidence in a male physician.....sometimes. However, in the neuro-ophthalmologist field, I would suggest you consider going to that one in Orlando. If I were there I'd take you. You do have special needs now. We do like Bill's here in GSO. For instance, at his last exam he told Bill his sudden eyesight issues are not really vision, but TIAs. I don't think a regular ophthalmologist would have diagnosed it that way - maybe they would, but I'm just not sure.


I do the same thing with going on-line for menus. I did that before we came to St. Augustine in fact, so had some ideas about where we should try. It was fun!


Happy belated birthday - glad you enjoyed the steak!


Warm wishes to you!

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