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Last night I was at an Al Anon meeting. This is much like Al Anon, you know. This is a support group, just as Al Anon is a support group. Actually I work my 12 step recovery program with this now. I don't live in active alcoholism anymore. The topic last night was brought by a lady who said she could overlook any inadequacy you can think of in another, but let her make a mistake and she'd beat herself up for days. Now that sounds familiar. Pefectionism. Trying to make up for some imaginary inadequacy in myself by making sure everything looks perfect on the outside. Hmmmmm.


When I read others' blogs it reminds me how easy it is to see in another what they need to do in order to have some serenity and peace. Sort of like seing the splinter in another's eye but missing the log in my own. When I go to an Al Anon meeting I'm reminded that while we are all there because of a particular disease, we are all individuals with individual personalities and individual needs. It's sort of like that here. We are all here because of stroke. However, we are all individuals and we will all respond to the stroke in different ways. As time goes on our needs will change, just as those of our survivor. Whatever the needs are, we can't expect them to go away just because we deny they exist.


I noticed someone was feeling uneasy because their blog could be googled and they (I think) were concerned about some information they had blogged about that may be misinterpreted or misunderstood by someone. I guess we forget sometimes that the internet is the internet. Anything we put here could be seen by anybody interested in searching the web. I hope they will gain some peace and will understand that while they may feel uncomfortable with (presumably) family viewing their thoughts, those same thoughts may help many, many people.


And so, as usual my heart is full of gratitude for this place of refuge and help.



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We are trully grateful to having you with us in our world. We may be coming in at different angles (survivor/caregiver/family/friend) but a stroke has brought us all together and fortunately brought us to this wonderful website.


None of us know for sure where this journey will lead us. But we we did know one thing - we are not traveling alone.

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I respect your outlook on life, it's neither taking things lightly nor seriously just right way, that's why I love this website, I see all kinds of people, and their dealin with life.






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Hi Ann,


I find it somewhat amusing that people are shocked that the Strokenet blog world is not "safe" from the world viewing them. I have myself set up to get Google Alerts anytime my name appears on the internet and it's amazing how much the stuff I write---blogs and message board posts as well as my articles---travels around to places I didn't put them. Back eight years ago, I used to review books and one of those reviews even resurfaced this year! Anyone planning to sue their doctors or hospitals are foolish to post and blog their stories. Even using a different name doesn't help. If you know the tricks of a good search and you are determined to find someone's writing, you can find anyone.


I, personally, don't have a problem with family and friends reading my blogs, etc. I gave them all links to my blogs. I figure it can do more good than harm---help them understand Don and I better.



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I write on this site mainly for myself. I know I have a captive audience in you all and I truly appreciate the support I recieve from you all. My blogs help me think of and come up with solutions to my worries, concerns and, yes, the pleasure of life around me.


Some of my family and friends have found my blog (I gave the info to a few of them who asked). For those who found my blogs on their own, I can only say that what I write here is from my heart. I can only be honest, otherwise this would not help me in finding answers. So I have no problem anyone reading my blogs. I would dishonor myself if I were not truthful here. That is why I like this site. I can vent safely...for the world to see :big_grin: Take Care. LK

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