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Some of my poems



May 05

I wrote this the day before I ran away

I wish I could fly away


Hope for a better day


Feeling hated, unloved, ignored, and friendless


I remember the days when I was treated like a princess


It all happened too fast before I could have my fun


Crippled, traumatized, suicidal


Why am I the only one?


No one else knows how it feels


Because they cant walk in my shoes


They wouldnt last a day trying to survive and do what I do


But they dont think about it that way


Just go on with their perfect lives


Dont know how it feels to try and try and try then cry


I steadily asked why it happened to me


I was an innocent, young, sweet child


Why Lord? Why me?


June 05

I think by me running away, it was a good side to it. I met a really nice woman who found me walking and my dad realized I really did need therapy. I got what I needed for the time being.

A childhood of fun, a lifetime of pain

16 surgeries on the brain

feels like it happend before i learned to spell my name

before i jumped rope for heart, before i played hand games

Not "normal" enough to be human, not "stupid" enough to be retarded

at the age of 12 is when it all started

No bike riding for me, skating isnt my style

no P.E on my schedule, i cant run the mile

dreams of being a cheerleader, a model, a dancer

all down the drain after the horrific disaster

no car, no liscense, no job, no smile

what must i do to make life worthwhile

Lived through rape, surgeries, bad relationships, a stroke

i wonder why i still hold on to hope

but theres someone out there for me, my dreams i'll achieve

i might be famous one day, a star on the big screen

might be a doctor, a lawyer, i dont really like sports

a model? a dancer? no thats too much work

people think they know what i cant do, but i know what i can

im a strong black woman, i dont need no man

Im now 16, and ready for a change

so get ready for me, can is my new middle name



May 06

Frustrated while trying to concentrate on my algebra in 2nd period. Instead of taking notes, I had to write a poem.

The stress of achieving


my strive for independence


I long to rise of a spirit of transcendentalism


My heart sinks in my body exasperated for more blood


I try my hardest but my classes are weighing down on me


like a tree cutter on a bad day


Im trying my hardest, but its pulling me down


being a teenager


a black teenager


a black female teenager


a black female disabled teenager


Life is everything but simple


I think back to when I tried walking away from my problems


searched the busy roads for Easy St.


but there was no easy street


On the road less traveled, I found myself at a dead end


everything ends


when you're a mouse in a maze, where do you go?


search for a way out


an escape




is what I long for


I feel like its time for me to write another. I just want to wait until I am happy. My happy poems are much better than the sad ones.


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welcome to blogworld, since I know you, it would be helpful to others if you give little intro of you, your poems are wonderful, I am sure happy one will be something to look for. my 10 year old son wrote poem on me, not as good as yours but he is trying.


lots of love


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Your poems are very good. You Dated the first one May 5. What year was it. At 16 you have gone through so much. You have a lot to offer because of all the journeys you have already taken. Many people here will learn from you. Please keep posting and blogging. :giggle:




Mary Jo

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Hi CagedBird,


Wow - I was impressed in first your post now I am amazed. At 17 you are far older in wisdom than most people achieve in their whole life.


You are going places - You will get there when others drop out of the race - You are strong.


I want to get to know you better - I believe in the end you will give us more than you will ever know.


Kind regards,





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Wow...great poems! :Clap-Hands:


Again, welcome to the site! You will find a great deal of support and love here!



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:( There is absolutely nothing worse than being cocked in, I know because my stroke was in 1985 at age 39 :Tantrum: & even though it seems like it has been years, which it has been, one just never gets over a stroke, we may have some progress, but understanding your journey, not only will you help others, but you will become quite wise

June :cheer: :beer:

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